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The winners of the Lake Kaltern Triathlon 2024: Rico Bogen and Alice Bagarello. © Newspower.it

Bogen and Bagarello win in Kaltern

1,5 kilometers in the water, 40 kilometers on the bike and finally a 10-kilometer run: these are the achievements that had to be achieved at the 35th Lake Kaltern Triathlon. In the end, Rico Bogen and Alice Bagarello were the fastest.

The German Rico Bogen won the men's competition in Kaltern. The 24-year-old was in a class of his own, especially when it came to cycling, and clearly distanced himself from the competition in the second discipline. In the final run, Bogen left no stone unturned and celebrated an unchallenged victory (2:1.51,10 hours). Thomas Previtali (3nd) was behind the German for over 2 minutes at the end. Third place went to the Austrian Thomas Steger.

Alice Bagarello from the “K3 Cremona” team was the fastest among the women. With a time of 2.07,07:2 hours, the Italian won ahead of her teammate Nicoletta Santonocito (3nd) and Chiara Cavalli, also from the “K2 Cremona” team. The race for victory was open for a long time before Santonocito had to give up after a mistake while cycling and settle for second place.

Lake Kaltern Triathlon 2024: Results

1.Rico Bogen (1.51,10:XNUMX hours)
2.Thomas Previtali (1.54,20)
3.Thomas Steger (1.54,40)
4.Leonardo Allegri (1.55,01)
5.Tommaso Alba (1.55,20)

1.Alice Bagarello (2.07,07:XNUMX hours)
2.Nicoletta Santonocito (2.08,27)
3.Chiara Cavalli (2.08,50)
4.Elisa Macron (2.09,56)
5.Matilde Salati (2.12,27)

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