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L'Estran (right) is once again one of the big favorites at the Meran Grand Prix this year.

How what was supposed to be a bad purchase became a guarantee of success

October 24, 2017: Josef Aichner purchases the 4-year-old gelding L'Estran in a sales race in Auteuil, France, for exactly 24.001 euros. Almost 6 years later, the now 10-year-old gelding and jockey Josef Bartos will be hunting for their 5th victory in the Meran South Tyrol Grand Prix next Sunday.

“What kind of horse did you buy?” Devid Aichner will have regretted this question to his father after L'Estran's first unsuccessful start in Milan a hundred times. But it will be almost two years before Josef Aichner receives confirmation that he once again had a lucky hand when purchasing L'Estran.

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