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Meran is looking forward to numerous spectators and exciting races again.

56 thoroughbreds enliven Meran

On the fifth day of racing in Untermais, six flat and steeplechase races are on the program. 56 thoroughbreds from Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic show themselves to the audience.

The focus of the sporting program is the First Hurdles Prize. In this hurdle test, three-year-old horses will be competing in Meran for the first time in the 2024 season. Raffaele Romano saddles four of them.

Cheeky Blimey, who will be one of the favorites of the race with Jan Faltejsek in the saddle, will bring good flat performances. Wolwerine from the Facchini family racing team, who will take part in the race with Gabriele Agus, also presented a strong performance.

Dea Daryl with jockey Sassoli and Khabib with Ondrej Velek complete Romano's line-up. Paolo Favero sends Bridge Delos into the race with Daniel Vynhalek. The rest of the field comes from abroad.

Music during breaks

The breaks between races are filled with live musical performances. The Rennplatz restaurant is in operation from 12 p.m. There is the possibility of pony riding for children. The race starts at 14.30:13.30 p.m., and the racecourse tour starts at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

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