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Andreas Reiterer (r.) was left behind in the finish sprint.

Andreas Reiterer's last show of strength: "I'm completely knocked out."

At the season finale in the French Alps, at the Festival des Templiers, the vice world champion from Avelengo achieved another top ten placement.

With a show of strength in the final sprint, Andreas Reiterer reached sixth place, over the ultimate distance of 80,1 kilometers and 3490 meters in altitude.

The young Haflinger wanted to end his season early in September due to inflammation on the ball of his foot. However, the injury was successfully cured in a short time and the vice world champion was at the start of the season finale in France. The “Festival des Templiers” race is very popular among the elite runners in the scene as it is a final test of strength before the winter break. There were over 2.000 participants at the start this weekend. Right from the start, some of the elite runners broke away and set an unusually high pace. The short climbs and long flat sections made the race even faster and more intense.

Andreas Reiterer in action. © PM FIDAL/Archive / D. Benedetto

Reiterer, who recently won the Salten half marathon in Jenesien, was initially able to keep up the pace. From the middle of the race, however, he had to slow down a bit and was now in fifth place. However, in the last kilometers he was caught by Frenchman Robin Julliaguet and had a thrilling duel with him. The fight for fifth place ended in a finish sprint between the two athletes and it was only after a few minutes that the order could be determined with a photo finish evaluation. Reiterer had to admit defeat to his competitor by a few centimeters and ended the season with sixth place.
“Now I’m happy to take a well-deserved break.” Andreas Reiterer

The young Haflinger's first professional season was very promising. In the end, there were several podium finishes in the Ultra Trail World Series, victories at local running events and the sensational runner-up world championship title in Innsbruck. Reiterer was visibly exhausted after the race, but very proud of what he had achieved: “I’m completely knocked out. The final sprint cost me the last remaining strength (laughs). Now I’m happy to take a well-deserved break, look back on the great successes of the season and recharge my batteries for the coming year.”

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