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Ötzi Trailrun: With a highlight into the running year 2024

Although the Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns has only been held three times, the event has already earned a reputation as a “classic” not only in South Tyrol due to the unique route and impeccable organization. The fourth edition of the event will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2024 and will be one of the first “treats” at the start of the running season in the Alpine region.

The organizational team around Ulrich Stampfer, Deborah Mair and the world-class athlete Daniel Jung will continue to rely on the two tried and tested running routes above Naturns next year. The Sunny Mountain Trail is the more demanding of the two distances, with a length of 30 kilometers and an altitude difference of 2100 meters. “We run mainly on trails and gravel with short asphalt sections.

A highlight of this distance is definitely the 1000-step gorge, where it gets pretty tough uphill. There is also an impressive suspension bridge here that is quite something,” explains Daniel Jung, who often travels on this route to prepare for his adventures around the globe. The start time for the Sunny Mountain Trail is scheduled for 9 a.m.

The Naturns Skyrace, on the other hand, is exactly half as long, with an altitude difference of 15 meters over 1150 kilometers. But the shorter of the two distances isn't easy to trot along: After the start at 10 a.m. on the town hall square, things really get down to business, as over 900 meters of altitude await the participating trail runners in the first five kilometers. “Once you have reached the junction to Meraner Höhenweg number 24, the participants have already achieved great things. There are still smaller climbs, but just before kilometer six the descent towards the finish begins, which is decorated with two crisp uphill sections in the final part,” says Jung.

Sure-footedness and a head for heights are basic requirements for participation

The Naturns Skyrace route can also be completed “Just for Fun” and therefore without a sports doctor’s certificate. Since the various runs are held on sometimes very demanding sections of terrain, sure-footedness, a head for heights and an excellent physical and mental condition of the participating athletes are essential prerequisites for taking part in the Alpenplus Ötzi Trailrun Naturns.

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