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A tragic accident occurred during the ultra race. © Harald Wisthaler

Young South Tyrolean dies in Ultrarace

The anniversary edition of the South Tyrol Ultrarace was overshadowed by a tragic accident. A young South Tyrolean lost his life.

The South Tyrol Ultrarace took place for the tenth time on Saturday. It should have been an anniversary party, but the extreme mountain race in the Sarntal Alps ended in tragedy.

A South Tyrolean lost his life while running along the Horseshoe Tour. According to initial reports, the young man (born in 1995) died of heart failure shortly before the finish. The emergency doctor who was notified was brought to the scene of the accident by helicopter, but the resuscitation measures initiated were unsuccessful. “We are deeply shocked and our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the victim, to whom we express our condolences,” explained the organizers of the Ultrarace led by President Josef Günther Mair.

There was a fatal accident four years ago

A tragic accident had already occurred at the Ultrarace in 2019. At that time, a participant from Norway was struck by lightning during the race and was fatally injured.

Victory was won on Saturday in the race with a length of 63 kilometers and an altitude of 3550 meters Sarner Henry Hofer and Regina Spieß. However, this took a back seat in view of the tragic incidents. The award ceremony was canceled out of respect for the deceased and his family.

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