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Daniele Casiraghi scored the FCS victory with a dream goal.

The magician enchants the Drusus Stadium

FC Südtirol started 2024 with an important victory. The main reason for this was once again Daniele Casiraghi, who is in top form this season.

From the Drusus Stadium

David Lechthaler

Is this the best Daniele Casiraghi of all time? The now 30-year-old has been wearing the FC Südtirol jersey since summer 2019 and was already mostly the best offensive player in the FCS in Serie C. While Casiraghi was often used as a joker by ex-coach Bisoli last year, he is used again this year. With his 12th goal of the season, the top scorer in Serie B led the FCS to a 1-0 home win against Feralpisaló.

Casiraghi scored a real dream goal in the 76th minute when he tunneled through an opponent after a low cross in the middle and then lofted the ball over the keeper. The Drusus Stadium then celebrated the playmaker with chants.

FC Südtirol's victory was deserved, but extremely close. Feralpisaló also found some chances. The Gardasee kickers performed bravely for a team at the bottom of the table. Ultimately, Casiraghi made the difference. FCS neo-coach Federico Valente surprised on Saturday with a new 3-5-2 system in which Raphael Kofler played the right part of the three-man chain. The 18-year-old from Partschins showed a solid performance.

The highlights

Double bad luckThe first half is even. Both Feralpisaló and the FCS have two top opportunities. The South Tyroleans only come into the game after about half an hour. First Merkaj hits the bar with his head after a Casiraghi cross (28th). Just before the half-time whistle, Tait headed a corner towards the second post, where Masiello only hit the top crossbar.
Hell PoluzziIn the 65th minute, the FCS got lucky after a corner: first Poluzzi fished a header from the top corner, then he also parried the follow-up shot from an acute angle.
Casiraghi dream goalThis goal bears the mark of world class: After a counterattack, Ciervo storms over the right side towards the goal. The winger puts the ball in the middle to Casiraghi. The FC Südtirol playmaker tunnels through an opponent and chips the ball over the keeper into the goal. The Drusus Stadium is raging!

Star purchaser Jasmin Kurtic was also substituted on in the second half. The Slovenian received a warm welcome at the Drusus Stadium and also showed his class in some of his actions. With the win, the FCS climbs up to 11th place. We continue next Saturday with the away game in Brescia.

FC Südtirol – Feralpisalò 1-0

FCS (3-5-2): Poluzzi; Kofler (from 83. Giorgini), Scaglia, Masiello, Cagnano; Ciervo (from 83. Ciervo), Tait, Broh (from 68. Kurtic), Casiraghi; Merkaj, Rauti (from 83. Moutassime).
Coach: Valente

Feralpi (3-5-2): Pizzignacco; Balestrero, Ceppitelli, Martella; Bergonzi, Kourfalidis (from 71. Zennaro), Fiordilino, Di Molfetta, Felici; Compagnon, Butic (from 78. La Mantia).
Coach: Zaffaroni

Gates: 1-0 Casiraghi (76.)

Viewers: 3.243 (including 36 guest fans)

1. Parma20126238:1842
2. Venice20115436:2338
3. As20115429:2138
4. Cittadella20106427:2036
5. Cremonese20105529:1635
6. Catanzaro20103733:2733
7. Palermo2095632:2532
8. Brescia2077622:2128
9. Modena2077620:2428
10. Baric20511421:2126
11. Reggiana2059623:2624
12. Step on2058720:2323
13. FC South Tyrol2065927:2823
14. Sampdoria2074927:3023
15. Cosenza2056919:2221
16. Lecco20551023:3420
17. Ascoli20461018:2518
18. Ternana20461024:3018
19. Specia2038916:3117
20. FeralpiSalò20351217:3614

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