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St. Georgen (in white) threw everything into the balance against FC Südtirol. © Bordoni

Almost double digits: FC Südtirol defeated St. Georgen

The FCS concluded its training camp in Ridnaun Valley with a test match against upper division team St. Georgen. The second division footballers had a very difficult time for a long time - until one player really ignited the turbo.

Emanuele Pecorino is the star of the game – if one can be named in a test kick. The 21-year-old on loan from Juventus, who has scored 66 goals in 14 Serie C games so far, put the ball into the net five times and literally defeated St. Georgen single-handedly. In the end, FC Südtirol won the friendly match in Stange 9-0.

The Oberliga team sold their skin very expensively against the second division team, who were much better off, and played, fought and fought at a high level for 90 minutes. Until the half-time whistle, only FCS striker Raphael Odogwu, who headed two crosses from Andrea Cagnano, was able to crack the Jergina defense.

Pecorino's one-man show

However, the dwindling strength of the Pusterers and an increase in tempo on the part of the FCS led the game to a one-way path after the break. The advanced defensive talent Raphael Kofler made it 3-0, later Primavera striker Luis Buzi also scored. And finally Pecorino made his appearance: with five goals - including a penalty - he boosted the result.

While St. Georgen is now really starting its preparations for the league season, the ten-day training camp in Ridnaun Valley is already coming to an end for FC Südtirol. On Friday, the Bisoli team will move to the Lindenhof in Naturns, where the preparation program will continue. In a week the FCS players will be back in the Wipptal: on July 27th (17 p.m.) the first real endurance test will take place in Vipiteno against Sassuolo.

FC Südtirol – ASC St. Georgen 9:0

FCS, 1st half: Poluzzi; Shiba, Giorgini, Masiello, Cagnano; Ciervo, Tait, Lonardi, Rover; Rauti, Odogwu.
FCS, 2st half: Drago (80th Dregan); Davi, Vinetot, Curto, Ghiringhelli; Kofler, Peeters, Di Tacchio, Cisco, Buzi (80th Uez), Pecorino.
Coach: Pierpaolo Bisoli

St. Georgen: Negri (60th Brugger), Aichner (60th Lorenzi), Gabriel Brugger (60th Hintner), Bachmann, Bacher, Volgger (46th Peintner), Lercher, Isufaj (60th Baratella), Schwingshackl (46th Ballestrin), Harrasser (60. Calcagnile).
Coach: Berndt Mair

Referee: Sabru Ismail (Rovereto)

Gates: 1:0 Odogwu (10th), 2:0 Odogwu (33rd), 3:0 Kofler (52nd), 4:0 Pecorino (penalty/65th), 5:0 Pecorino (69th), 6:0 Pecorino (71.), 7:0 Buzi (77.), 8:0 Pecorino (79.), 9:0 Pecorino (86.)

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