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Stefano Vecchi was fired from Feralpisaló.

Prominent coach dismissal in Serie B

Last season, Stefano Vecchi led Feralpisaló into Serie B for the first time. Now the ex-FCS coach is history again at the Lake Garda club.

After two years and four months, Stefano Vecchi's era in Saló is over. The 52-year-old from Bergamo was released by the Serie B promoted team on Monday. His successor is to be Marco Zaffaroni, who led Hellas Verona to stay in Serie A last year.

After Vecchi failed to achieve Serie B promotion during his tenure at FC Südtirol, he joined Feralpisaló on Lake Garda in the summer of 2021. In his second season he was promoted to the Italian second division for the first time. But the debut year in Serie B is proving to be a difficult one for the blue-greens: with 5 points from 10 games, Feralpisaló is currently in second to last place.

In the summer, Vecchi was celebrated as a promotion hero. © ANSA / FILIPPO VENEZIA

Saturday's 0-3 defeat in Catanzaro was the final straw. It is certainly also problematic that Feralpisaló is not allowed to play in its own stadium in Serie B, but has to move to Piacenza. The “Lions” regularly play there in front of a real ghost crowd because the club is not exactly a crowd puller. In any case, Vecchi's dismissal is the fourth coaching eviction in this year's Serie B season. Most recently Bari's Michele Mignani was replaced by Pasquale Marino.

The Serie B table

1. Parma1072120:823
2. Catanzaro1063118:1321
3. Palermo962116:620
4. Venice1053214:918
5. Cosenza1042414:1114
6. As942312:1214
7. Brescia73406:213
8. FC South Tyrol934213:1013
9. Cremonese1034312:1113
10. Modena93428:813
11. Cittadella1034310:1313
12. Ascoli1033412:1212
13. Step on93338:812
14. Baric101819:911
15. Reggiana102539:1311
16. Sampdoria1023510:137
17. Specia91448:137
18. Ternana101369:136
19. FeralpiSalò101275:195
20. Lecco70165:151

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