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Time is up: Andrea Campolattano is no longer coach at Meran Women.

Coach gone, angry players: things are boiling in Merano

In terms of sport, things are going great for the Meran Women, but behind the scenes there is a lot going on. The cup game against FC Südtirol on Sunday was canceled. What are the reasons?

1st place with 4 points ahead of the first pursuer. In terms of sport, the first half of the season went according to plan for Meran. The team's big goal is promotion to Serie B. But whether this will ever happen is anyone's guess. Things are simmering tremendously among the people of the spa town - and not just since the canceled cup game against FC Südtirol.

A new club emerged from the FC Obermais women's team in the summer of 2022. The AS Meran Women set themselves the goal of becoming number 1 in South Tyrolean women's football. To achieve this, top-class new recruits were brought in and a lot of money was invested. They were soon able to overtake SSV Brixen. Behind the scenes, even back then, not everything that glittered was gold. In the summer there was strong competition in Serie C from FC Südtirol.

At least on the field, the Merano women are still number 1 in the country. With 30 points from 12 games, Nadine Nischler & Co. secured the autumn championship title. The FCS is in third place with 26 points. It remains to be seen which of the two projects is more sustainable. The fact is that Meran did not play the cup game against FCS Women on Sunday. Although there are financial problems among the spa town residents, that is not said to have been the main reason. The association canceled the game for “internal reasons” for the Merano team.

Coach Campolattano is history

Another fact is that coach Andrea Campolattano is no longer with the club. He recently “invited” the team in writing to the training sessions, but they did not comply with his request. The lawyer of the Italian football association FIGC was also informed by the coach about the events in Meran, which was apparently one of the reasons for the cancellation. Campolattano was an all-rounder in the club. Coach, sports director and organizer in one person - but it has not been without controversy for a long time. In addition, player Chiara Tulumello is a driving force behind the project in Meran women's football.

The ball rests for a month in the women's Serie C. League operations continue on January 14th. By then the club (and also the association) must have found a solution to the problems. Otherwise, Meran is threatened with a fall just as quickly as it went uphill before.

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