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Shoot her Merano women to victory: Nadine Nischler.

Meran breaks away from FC Südtirol

On the 18th matchday of the women's Serie C, the Meran Women consolidated their lead in the table.

The Merano women celebrated a real victory at home against Jesina. In the 60th minute they conceded a goal to make it 0-1. But within just 11 minutes, Sonja Kiem and Nadine Nischler (with a long shot) turned the game in the league leaders' favor. In the end, Nischler & Co. won 2-1.

Meran continues to lead the table with a 3-point lead because Trent won the duel against FC Südtirol 2-0. The Trentino women won the game in the first round. FC Südtirol has to leave the table. The deficit of table 3. on Meran is now 8 points.

1. Merano18135062:1144
2. Trent18125145:1041
3. Venice18108046:1038
4. Riccione18107132:1537
5. FC South Tyrol18113429:1236
6. Venice 198518103541:2533
7. Chieti1890925:3427
8. Vicenza1873837:3824
9. Col1865728:2823
10. Villorba1864822:2622
11. Padova1864821:2522
12. Jesina18531027:2718
13. Triestina18531028:3518
14. L'Aquila 192718331221:5312
16. Perugia1800189:940

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