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The Merano women before the away win in Chieti by the sea.

Meran marches on, FCS also wins

In the women's Serie C, the Meran Women continue to march confidently at the top of the table. The Kurstadt women are now 5 points ahead.

Because pursuers Trent failed against Riccione (only 1:1), the Meran Women are now 5 points ahead of the second-placed team. The spa town women showed no weaknesses against Chieti and won away with 7:1.

However, there was a home win for FC Südtirol, the second team in the women's Serie C. The white and red defeated L'Aquila 3-0, with the foundation for the victory being laid in the first 45 minutes.

Serie C, Women: Matchday 19

Chieti – Merano 1:7
0:1 Nischler (8th), 1:1 De Gesualdo (14th), 1:2 Nischler (32nd), 1:3 Massa (35th), 1:4 Nischler (59th), 1:5 Massa (66th), 1:6 Gallea (71st), 1:7 Reiner (90th)

FC Südtirol – L'Aquila 3-0
1:0 Stocker (33rd), 2:0 Markart (37th), 3:0 Ladstätter (86th)

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