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Can SV Salurn soon get back to old times? On Sunday there will be a top national league duel. © Sarah Mitterer

Back to former glory? Salurn is on the rise

SV Salurn has a well-known name in South Tyrolean football. It's not for nothing that the Unterlandlers are the club that has spent the most years in the Oberliga. After a few seasons in the doldrums, the red and yellow are now on the rise again. Can they even trip up Bruneck (2nd) at the weekend?

Hugo Pomella has to smile when he hears this question. “In the autumn we were completely inferior to Bruneck, even if we only lost 0-1 in the end. That’s why I would be happy if we had a game on equal terms this time,” says the experienced Salurn coach. Pomella describes the Pusterers as a “major league team” and adds: “They have an extremely strong team that is trained very well by Roberto Fuschini. I have nothing but praise for her.”

However, Salurn (4th) also got off to a good start in the spring. Most recently there were 2 wins - but against the latecomers Riffian Kuens and Weinstraße Süd. “Those were tough games and winning them wasn’t easy. It’s always difficult against teams that have to fight for everything,” said Pomella.

Future in the major league?

Pomella's future in Salurn is not yet settled, but everything points to a longer stay in the Unterland: "Next week there will be a meeting with the club where we will discuss this." After a few lean years, including one Intermezzo in the 1st amateur league, Salurn is on the rise again. The top league is not (yet) an issue, says Pomella: “The club is working very well and something is being created. This doesn't work with the crowbar. Our goal is to see improvement every year.” Pomella has high hopes for his goalgetter Fabio Bertoldi: “He is the symbol of this team, I would even say of the entire village. Everyone hopes he can continue playing for a few more years.”

Hot duels in the top league

There are also very interesting games on the program in the Oberliga on Sunday. FC St. Pauls welcomes FC St. Georgen. Stegen and Bozner FC meet in a relegation clash, and there is also the reunion of Partschins coach Luca Lomi with his former club Obermais. Tramin has to face Levico in the top game.

Oberliga: 22th matchday

Levico – Tramin (Sunday, 15 p.m.)
St. Pauls – St. Georgen
Stegen – Bozner FC
Lana – Naturns
Partschins – Obermais
Rovereto – Vipo Trento
Dro – Anaune

1. Lavis21125443:1641
2. St. Paul's21125439:2241
3. Termeno21108346:2538
4. Levico Terme21811232:1735
5. Comano2197531:2034
6. St. Georgen20104626:1834
7. Rovereto2197537:3334
8. Upper corn2196641:3633
9. Anaune2194834:3231
10. Vipo Trent2059632:3124
11. Dro2166919:2824
12. Stegen21561019:3221
13. Bolzano FC21621332:4120
14. Naturns21551128:3820
15. Partschins21471027:3419
16. Wool2112189:725

State league: 19th matchday

Kiens – St. Martin Moos (Saturday, 15 p.m.)
Schenna – Terlano
Gitschberg Jochtal – Riffian Kuens (16 p.m.)
Milland – Laives (18 p.m.)
Ahrntal – Latsch (Sunday, 15 p.m.)
Salorno – Bruneck
Ridnaun Valley – South Wine Route
Val Gardena – Brixen (17 p.m.)

1. SSV Brixen18144055:1946
2. Brunico18132343:1141
3. Lace18105334:2135
4. Salorno18101739:3131
5. Terlano1894529:2231
6. Ahrntal1893632:2630
7. Val Gardena1892726:2729
8. Kiens1884628:2428
9. Gitschberg Jochtal1857625:2222
10. SSV Laives1856724:2621
11. Schenna1846821:3018
12. Riffian Kuens18441027:4316
13. Wine Route South18431113:3115
14. St. Martin Moss18351019:3714
15. Milland18341118:3613
16. Ridnaun Valley18241213:4010

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