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Manuel Brusco put on a great show. © Andrea Giacomelli

Big show: This Obermaiser puts everyone in the shade

The hot phase has long since begun in the major league. On the 26th matchday, however, it was not a relegation or promotion candidate who came into the spotlight, but rather an Obermais striker.

No question: the second half of the FC Obermais has been disappointing so far. In ten games, the Merano team, who started with promotion ambitions, only managed two wins. That's precisely why Sunday's triumph on the Lahn at home is like balm for the soul. Against the top team that has recently stumbled Tram There was a 3-0 win that clearly bears a signature: that of Manuel Brusco.

The striker from Trentino, who has been living in Bolzano for work reasons for some time, scored all three goals against Tramin. The clipper was successful twice with his head and once from the penalty spot. In doing so, he clearly won the duel between the two goal giants: Tramin has the league's top scorer, Alex Pfitscher, in their ranks. He has scored 22 goals so far - will the second-best snapper Brusco (now 18 stalls) threaten him again at the end of the season?

Lana shows a big heart

Meanwhile, a small sensation was achieved Wool. The bottom of the league, which had already been relegated, took second place in the table St Pauls a point at 1:1. The Burggräfler had to chase a deficit after just one minute ( the Paulsner soon-to-be football pensioner Jonas Clementi scored from a penalty), but Alessio Perri equalized in the last minute. For Lana it is the sixth point in the current championship, St. Pauls remains in second place despite the slip-up.

Manuel Scavone scored three golden points with Bozner FC. © ANDREAS KEMENATER

Meanwhile, the relegation hit rose Stegen, where the home team is Naturno met. At the end of a hard-fought game the result was 0-0. This point helps a little in Naturns, but not in Stegen. The Pusterers are three points away from the saving bank. Partschins Meanwhile, caused an exclamation mark and grabbed the home game against St. George all three points. Gold goal scorer in the 1-0 win was Paolo Basile. Luca Lomi's team can dream more than ever about staying in the league. He also has a big win Bolzano FC celebrated, who won 2-0 against Comano prevailed.

Oberliga, 26th matchday

Obermais – Tramin 3:0
Goals: 1:0 Brusco (29th), 2:0 Brusco (76th), 3:0 Brusco (84th/penalty)

St. Paul's - Lana 1:1
Goals: 1:0 Clementi (1st/penalty), 1:1 Perri (90th)

Partschins – St. Georgen 1:0
Goal: 1-0 Basile (11th)

Stegen – Naturns 0:0

Bozner FC – Comano 2-0
Goals: 1:0 Tessaro (13th), 2:0 Margoni (78th/penalty)

Lavis – Anaune 1:0
Goals: 1:0 Trevisan (15th), 1:1 Diagne (19th), 2:1 Barbetti (31st), 2:2 Biscaro (74th)

Dro – Rovereto 1-1
Goals: 1:0 Bombardelli (50th), 1:1 Marchione (72nd/penalty)

Levico – Vipo Trento 0:2
Goals: 0:1 Dauti (15th), 0:2 Pecoraro (90th)

1. Lavis26156555:2251
2. St. Paul's26129543:2845
3. St. Georgen26127735:2243
4. Comano26119636:2442
5. Termeno261010649:3340
6. Rovereto261010645:3840
7. Anaune26117844:3740
8. Levico Terme26815334:2139
9. Upper corn26107947:4637
10. Vipo Trent26812644:3736
11. Naturns26871133:3931
12. Partschins26781134:3829
13. Bolzano FC26921541:4829
14. Stegen26681222:3926
15. Dro26681221:3826
16. Wool26132212:856

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