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The Obermaiser players received applause from the fans.

Italian Cup: Obermais does well

There was a special match on the agenda for FC Obermais on Wednesday: in the national Italian Cup phase, the Merano team faced Villafranca. In the end there was a narrow defeat.

Because Obermais won the regional Italian Cup, the Merano team can now compete in the national phase of the cup. In the first round, Flavio Toccoli's team will face Villafranca Veronese and Brian Lignano in a circle of three. The first game was the home match against Villafranca, which was narrowly lost 0-1.

Obermais sold his skin very expensively against the upper league club from Veneto. After just a few minutes on the Viehmarktplatz in Meran, a (regular) goal from Timothy Prinoth was disallowed, and a little later Dario Hasa only hit the woodwork.

In the final phase, Villafranca captain Maccarone scored the golden goal after a set piece. Things continue for Obermais in a week: then the away match at Lignano is coming up.

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