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Daniel Lanthaler shot Partschins to stay in the league. © det

Oberliga: Partschinser cheers and a real showdown

The penultimate matchday of the league couldn't be surpassed in terms of excitement and drama. But SV Partschins emerged as the big winner.

Partschins secured relegation early on Sunday with a 3-1 away win in Rovereto. Daniel Lanthaler made this possible. The Psairer center forward almost single-handedly turned the game around with a hat-trick. Thanks to a very strong second half of the season, Partschins' stay in the league is more than deserved, chapeau!

There was no winner in the derby between Naturno and Obermais. Kevin Nischler gave the yellow-blue team the lead in the first half, but Younes Jamai made it 1-1 after the break. Because the Bolzano FC in at the same time St. George also drew 1-1, there will be a big showdown between the Oranges and the Naturnsers on the Bolzano Talferwiesen next Sunday.

The stands in Naturns were once again bursting at the seams against Obermais.

Both teams are currently not in a relegation zone, but are still being supported by Dro and, above all Stegen tracked. The Pusterers kept their chances of staying in the league alive with a hard-fought 3-2 away win in Lana. Next Sunday, Stegen will host St. Pauls and Dro will be in Levico – these are anything but easy tasks.

Traminer spectacle

At the top of the table has St Pauls maintained second place in the table with a 2-1 home win against pursuers Levico. In Toni Tarantino and Jonas Clementi's last home game, the Leifer striker started the comeback with his goal to make it 1-1 in the 80th minute. For a true spectacle Tram taken care of. The Unterlanders took a 0:3 lead at Anaune and even won 4:3. The returnees Stefan Frötscher and Alex Pfitscher were crucial (he scored twice).

Oberliga: 29th matchday

Anaune – Tramin 3-4
1:0 Biscaro (8th), 2:0 Wegher (26th), 3:0 Pinamonti (36th), 3:1 Frötscher (45th), 3:2 own goal (73rd), 3:3 Pfitscher ( 87.), 3:4 Pfitscher (89.)

Comano – Dro 1-0
1:0 (77th)

Vipo Trento – Lavis 2-4
0:1 Dalla Valle (7th), 1:1 Pecoraro (36th), 1:2 Dalla Valle (47th), 2:2 Francescon (58th), 2:3 Santuari (70th), 2:4 Trevisan (90.)

Lana – Stegen 2:3
1:0 Truzzi (15th), 1:1 Lechner (37th), 2:1 Passler (44th), 2:2 Tinkhauser (65th), 2:3 Tinkhauser (80th)

Rovereto – Partschins 1:3
1:0 (30th), 1:1 Lanthaler (37th), 1:2 Lanthaler (74th), 1:3 Lanthaler (90th)

Naturns – Obermais 1:1
1:0 Kevin Nischler (27th), 1:1 Jamai (59th)

St. Georgen – Bozner FC 1-1
1:0 Schwingshackl (25th), 1:1 Pfeifer (38th)

St. Paul's - Levico 2:1
0:1 Bucci (50th), 1:1 Clementi (80th), 2:1 Pecoraro (84th)

The table

1. Lavis29177563:2658
2. St. Paul's291311546:3050
3. Termeno291211656:3747
4. Comano291211639:2647
5. Levico Terme291015440:2445
6. St. Georgen29129838:2845
7. Rovereto291110849:4343
8. Upper corn29119952:4842
9. Anaune291181049:4541
10. Vipo Trent29812948:4636
11. Partschins29991138:3936
12. Bolzano FC291031645:5233
13. Naturns29891234:4233
14. Stegen29881329:4532
15. Dro29791322:3930
16. Wool29132514:926

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