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Noah Schweitzer and ASV Partschins brought Obermais down. © Sarah Mitterer

Obermais capsizes in the Partschins bathtub

The neighborhood duel between newly promoted Partschins and the supposed top team from Obermais was the most explosive duel of the 22nd Oberliga round. It turned into a water fight in which the favorite from the city literally lost against the village club.

From Partschins

Alexander Foppa

Luca Lomi and Flavio Toccoli had led FC Südtirol into professional football together as key players in the distant year 2000, and this Sunday they faced each other as coaches in the constant rain in Meraner Land. In the end, Partschins coach Lomi was clearly ahead of his successor on the FCO bench. The penultimate team won 300-3 against the favorites from the nearby spa town in front of more than 1 spectators.

It is undisputed that Obermais has the better individual players. However, eleven people from Partschins impressively showed them how football is played in such Fritz Walter weather, namely with fight, passion and team spirit. The red-blacks had more of the game from the start, but lacked any penetration in attack - until the 40th minute, when Paolo Basile put an end to the boredom with a low shot.

After the break, Timothy Prinoth caused loud cheers among the FCO fans with a well-placed shot from 10 meters (59'). However, this faded away just seconds later when Olaf Stark headed Noah Schweitzer's cross into the net to make it 2-1 (60'). But that wasn't enough: In the 73rd minute, Marc Kiem defeated the insecure-looking guest goalkeeper Daniel Casaril for a third time with a thankless touchdown from more than 20 meters. This sealed the 3-1 win.

Partschins has scored eleven points from the last six games and is climbing close to the safe shore again. The ambitious FC Obermais, which only won two of the seven games in the new calendar year, is sinking more and more into mediocrity.

St Paul's remains at the top

Immediately ahead of Partschins, its arch-rival Naturns is in fourth-to-last position. Coach Patrick Fliri's team achieved a hard-fought 1-0 win against Lana, who were at the bottom of the table. The winning goal scorer was Sturmtank Matthias Bacher. There was also an away win in the basement duel between Stegen and Bozner FC, which the Talferstadt team won 2-0.

A scene from the relegation hit between Bozner FC (in orange) and Stegen. © David Laner

In the fourth purely South Tyrolean duel of the matchday, leaders St. Pauls and sixth-placed St. Georgen shared the points. The Paulsner derby hero from a week ago, Jacopo Pecoraro, gave the home team an early lead on the artificial turf pitch in St. Pauls, but Andrea Isufaj equalized for Jergina straight after the break. Since Lavis Comano lost in the top game, the blue-whites from Überetsch remain at the top of the table. Third Tramin scored a point in the 1-1 draw in Levico. League top scorer Alex Pfitscher missed the great chance of a guest victory with a penalty in the final phase.

Oberliga, 22th matchday

Levico – Tramin 1:1
Goals: 0:1 Caldato (10th), 1:1 (60th)

St. Pauls – St. Georgen 1:1
Goals: 1:0 Pecoraro (12th), 1:1 Isufaj (49th)

Stegen – Bozner FC 0-2
Goals: 0:1 Pfeifer (63rd), 0:2 Margoni (65th)

Lana – Naturns 0-1
Goal: 0:1 Bacher (59.)

Partschins – Obermais 3:1
Goals: 1:0 Basile (40th), 1:1 Prinoth (59th), 2:1 Stark (60th), 3:1 Kiem (73rd)

Lavis – Comano 1:2
Goals: 0:1 Poletti (28th), 0:2 Ajdaroski (71st), 1:2 Pancheri (90th)

Dro – Anaune 0:4
Goals: 0:1 Pinamonti (23rd), 0:2 Micheli (59th), 0:3 Wegher (67th), 0:4 Biscaro (90th)

Rovereto – Vipo Trento canceled

1. St. Paul's22126440:2342
2. Lavis22125544:1841
3. Termeno22109347:2639
4. Comano22107533:2137
5. Levico Terme22812233:1836
6. St. Georgen21105627:1935
7. Anaune22104838:3234
8. Rovereto2297639:3634
9. Upper corn2296742:3933
10. Vipo Trent2169635:3327
11. Dro22661019:3224
12. Bolzano FC22721334:4123
13. Naturns22651129:3823
14. Partschins22571030:3522
15. Stegen22561119:3421
16. Wool2212199:735

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