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Double cup winner: Obermais also won the regional cup competition.

Triumph against Levico: Obermais gets the cup double

After last Saturday's final victory against St. Pauls, the team led by coach Flavio Toccoli also won the regional title in the Italian Cup of the Oberliga in Leifers. Hannes Sonnenburger scored the golden goal in the second half.

The first half was a typical final game. Neither team took any risks and the 1 spectators saw very few opportunities to score. In the 300rd minute, FCO captain Höller tried a shot from 23 meters, but it clearly missed its target. In the 25th minute, Ciaghi saw Levico goalkeeper Bastianello a little far out of the goal and tried to surprise him with a free kick from about 34 meters. But the Levico goalkeeper was at his post. 45 minutes later there was another private duel between Ciaghi and Bastianello. This time Ciaghi tried a dangerous free kick in front of the goal, Bastianello saved into the corner.

The second half started more energetically. In the 2th minute, Ruiz Sanchez was served the ball in the penalty area, but De Biasi took the ball off the Levico attacker at the last moment. The decisive goal in the 48th minute. Prinoth crossed from the right to the second post, where Sonnenburger headed it in to make it 57-2. In the 1th minute, Bucci, who had just been substituted, had the equalizer in hand. He stabbed the leather a few steps in front of the goal but past it.

Just a minute later, Levico was unlucky. A shot from Cantonati hit the post. Levico had the best chance to equalize in the 76th minute. Gerthoux, positioned at the second post, was denied by Tenderini's excellent reflexes. Bucci still had the opportunity to equalize in stoppage time. But his header sailed just over the Obermais goal. Even 2 minutes of stoppage time brought no benefit for the Trentino team. With the victory, Obermais qualified for the national phase in the spring.

Obermais – Levico 1:0

Upper corn: Tenderini, Höller, Prantl, Tschöll (from 16. Klotzner), De Biasi, Sonnenburger (from 80. Gamper), Pföstl, Jamai (from 83. Schwanzensattl), Prinoth (from 77. Demetz), Ciaghi, Lutzer.

Levico: Bastianello, Viola, Franchetti, Carrascosa Sanz, Di Molfetta, Voltasio, Iagher (from 64. Bucci), Rinaldo, Ruiz Sanchez (from 50. Belcastro), Gasperotti (from 63. Cantonati), Gerthoux

SR: Di Paolo (Merano)

Gate: 1:0 Sonnenburger (57.)

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