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St. Georgens Lukas Aichner (right) with coach Kurt Volgger. © Franz Griessmair

A laughing and a crying eye for St. Georgen

On Wednesday evening there was play not only in the regional league, but also in the major league. St. Georgen played its catch-up game against Vipo Trento. The emotional situation was mixed afterwards.

St. Georgen's match against Vipo Trient was canceled in mid-February due to the onset of winter. Now it was time for the catch-up game – and it ended with a 2-2 draw. For the Pusterers there was a laughing and a crying eye after the final whistle.

One eye laughed because the Jergina showed a lot of heart. The guests from Trentino were 81-2 ahead after 0 minutes, but then the Pusterers showed great morale and equalized the match in the final minutes. Responsible for this were Andrea Isufaj (85th) and Leo Brugger (90th + 3), who secured St. Georgen a point with their goals.

Arrived in the top group

One eye cried because St. Georgen missed an opportunity. With a win, the Jergina could have increased their points account to 42 points - they would then have only been one point missing from second place.

Either way: St. Georgen has stalked its way back into the top group after initial difficulties. In the remaining six games, an attack forward is still possible, especially since the direct duels against Lavis (1st place) and Tramin (3rd place) are still outstanding.

Oberliga, catch-up game

St. Georgen – Vipo Trento 2-2
Goals: 0:1 Dauti (16th), 0:2 Marku (81st), 1:2 Isufaj (85th), 2:2 Leo Brugger (90th + 3)

1. Lavis24145551:1947
2. St. Paul's24127542:2743
3. Termeno241010448:2840
4. St. Georgen24117632:2140
5. Comano24109533:2139
6. Levico Terme24814234:1938
7. Rovereto24108644:3738
8. Anaune24106841:3536
9. Upper corn2497843:4234
10. Vipo Trent24711641:3632
11. Naturns24851133:3929
12. Partschins24681033:3726
13. Stegen24671122:3625
14. Dro24661219:3624
15. Bolzano FC24721535:4723
16. Wool24122110:815

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