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FC Überetsch celebrated a successful debut.

Football Überetsch: The debut was a success

The 1st Amateur League is back – and therefore the popular SportNews section. After each matchday, the editorial team takes a closer look at a club. It starts with Football Überetsch, which emerged from the merger of two clubs in the summer.

At the end of last season, a merger was carried out that had been bouncing around in the club's heads for a long time. The clubs AFC Eppan and AFC Frangart became Fußball Überetsch. Until the end, it wasn't entirely clear in which league the fusion club would play its first game, because the Eppaners, who had already been written off during the regional league winter break, fought like lions in the second half of the season and almost achieved the football miracle.

But only almost, and that's why the premiere of Fußball Überetsch in the 1st amateur league against newly promoted Tscherms Marling took place on Sunday at Rungghof. Überetsch coach Christian Scherer speaks in SportNews-Interview about the necessity of the merger, his goals as a coach, but also why a Frangartz peculiarity was retained.

AFC Überetsch celebrated its debut in the 1st amateur league last Sunday against Tscherms Marling with a 1-1 draw. Satisfied?

Christian Scherer: "In any case. I have a very young team and you could tell, especially in the first half, that there was a certain nervousness and uncertainty on the field. In the second half we played much better and on equal terms. The equalizer against a really good and strong opponent was deserved.”

How do you rate the league overall?

“Football is played at a good level in the first amateur league. When I look at the opponents' coaches, I have to say that there are consistently capable people in charge on the line. You can see that on the field too. Some teams also have players in their prime who have played in the Oberliga or Landesliga in recent years.”

Überetsch coach Christian Scherer. © www.runggaldier.it / Dieter Runggaldier

What goals does coach Scherer have for his team?

“Our goal is to establish ourselves in the first amateur league. As soon as this point is reached, I am sure that football Überetsch can strive for higher things. In the medium term you can certainly aim for the national league again. My personal goal is definitely to further develop the players.”

So in the end, was it better that the merger club started in the 1st amateur league than in the state league?

“That is difficult to answer. The reality is 1st amateur league. It's certainly easier to survive with this team, but I can also imagine that the players would have had the will to prove themselves in the national league. Some would certainly have it too. A young player like Lorenz Kostner scored 8 goals in the second half of last season in the national league.”

What goals did the club give the coach going into the new season?

“One goal is certainly to offer all youth players at Fußball Überetsch the opportunity to play in the first team in the future. This means that the players stay together from youth through to the fighting team and are not separated once they reach a certain age. In the first amateur league, almost every team has young players, but I think that we are one of the clubs that sends the most young players onto the field. This is also what the club specifies. The topic of advancement is currently not an issue.”

Talent in the Überetsch attack: Lorenz Kostner. © www.runggaldier.it / Dieter Runggaldier

The derby against Kaltern is coming up in two weeks...

“Yes, finally a derby again. It’s not a derby like against St. Pauls, but playing against Kaltern is something special.”

Football Überetsch always plays on Sunday mornings. A peculiarity of AFC Frangart. Why was this unusual face-off time adopted or retained?

“The two clubs decided that way. But it also makes sense. You saw that this Sunday. There were definitely 300 spectators in the stands. This gives many people the opportunity to watch a game in the morning and another in the afternoon. There are even football enthusiasts who come from out of town to watch a football game on Sunday mornings. I am also sure that there will be even more spectators in the stands at the next home game in the derby against Kaltern.”

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