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Alexander Stoimilovski (left in the picture) celebrates his goal to make it 1-0. © Andrea Giacomelli

State Cup: Olimpia Meran causes a sensation

The South Tyrolean State Cup has been held since the 2021/22 season. For the first time there were no two upper division teams in the final. In the end, Olimpia Meran, a team from the first amateur league, even won the title.

From the Oberliga to the 3rd Amateur League, a total of 119 clubs took part in the South Tyrolean State Cup this year. In the final, SSV Ahrntal and Olimpia Meran faced each other. It was not the favorite from Ahrntal that came out on top at the Brixen youth center, but rather, quite surprisingly, Olimpia Meran.

The Merano team, who defeated Latsch in the semi-finals, promptly started the game like fire engines. Coach Massimo Bertinato's team pressed the "Teldra" early on, were extremely secure in defense and hardly allowed any significant chances to score. After a brief exchange in the first minutes of the game, both teams increasingly increased the tempo.

Alexander Stoimilovski scored ice cold. © Andrea Giacomelli

The game-deciding scene occurred in the 27th minute of the game. Niederwolfsgruber brought Konzi down during an attempt to clear the ball and the referee rightly awarded a penalty. The eye-catching Stoimilovski safely converted the penalty. The winger sent goalkeeper Weger into the wrong corner. Shortly before half-time, Greco even had a 2-0 lead, but Weger remained in the duel with the winner from Merano.

Weger keeps Ahrntal in the game

In the second half, Weger kept his team in the game with a brilliant save. Ahrntal's goalkeeper parried a long-range shot from Angotti from 25 meters in a remarkable way. In the 66th minute, Greco could have increased the score to 2-0 again, but this time he failed to hit the post. A shocking moment occurred in the 70th minute. After a collision between Stefan Gartner and Bungu, the Merano player had to be taken to hospital.

The stands at the youth center in Brixen were well filled. © Andrea Giacomelli

Although the “Teldra” played more and more on the attack in the final quarter of an hour, Jürgen Großgasteiger’s protégés managed little that could be counted. Only in stoppage time was there a fire in the Merano penalty area. After a hard start by Luca Fedel on Pareiner, Orrigo did not whistle, much to the displeasure of the numerous fans from the Ahrntal who had traveled with him.

The Tyrolean Supercup takes place in August

This means the season ends for both Ahrntal and Olimpia Meran. This time the overall Tyrolean Supercup final will only take place in the new season. On August 24th, the Merano team will meet SVG Reichenau. In the North Tyrolean Cup final, Reichenau beat Volders 2.150-4 in front of 0 spectators. The Innsbruck team plays in the Regionalliga West, the third highest division in Austria.

Ahrntal – Olimpia Meran 0:1

Ahrntal: Weger, Kirchler (from 69. Philipp Maurer) Simon Oberhollenzer, Florian Gartner, Niederwolfsgruber, Michael Oberhollenzer, Gaiser, Stefan Gartner, Pareiner, David Zimmerhofer, Niederkofler (from 59. Happacher)

Olympia Merano: Moretti, Reka, Fofana, Luca Fedel, Stoimilovski (from 74. Salvi), Bungu (from 74. Khalid), Kozi (from Lorenzo Fedel), Atza, Agotti, Greco (from 83. Trivonovic), Ricchiuti

SR: Orrigo (Bolzano)

Gates: 0:1 Stoimilovski (28th penalty)

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