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This is how Ahrntal celebrated reaching the final. © ssvahrntal

State Cup: The underdogs storm into the final

The semi-finals of the South Tyrolean State Cup were held on Wednesday evening. Ahrntal and Olimpia Meran played their way into the final for the coveted title.

Who will win the South Tyrolean State Cup title after St. Georgen (2022) and St. Pauls (2023). Olimpia Meran and Ahrntal took the first step towards this success on Wednesday evening, putting Laces and Bozner FC in their place in the semi-finals. Both games were extremely close. In particular, gnashing of teeth could be heard between Teldra and Talferstädter, as Ahrntal only won the game on penalties (after a 2-2 draw) with 12:11. The Kurstadt team defeated Latsch 2-1 a little later.

As the only remaining top league club, Bozner FC was actually considered the favorite for the title. But the Orange are currently fighting to stay in the league and have to look back on a less than successful season. This feeling became even greater after the semi-final exit in the national cup - especially since it was extremely close in the penalty shootout.

Michael Gruber (46th) and David Zimmerhofer (62nd) scored for Ahrntal in regular time, while Justin Pfeifer (55th) and Emanuele Bocchi (59th) were successful for Bozner FC. Since this 2:2 did not produce a winner, the decision had to be made from the point. Here it was Philipp Maurer who was able to convert the decisive penalty to give Ahrntal a place in the final after Fabian Zandonatti had unfortunately hit the crossbar.

Meran surprises Latsch

It was similarly close in the second semi-final between Olimpia Meran and Laces. A team from the 1st amateur league (Merano) and a regional league team (Latsch) met and here too the Vinschgers would have been the favourites. Also because Latsch is delivering an extremely strong performance in the league this season. Nevertheless, the outsider was also successful in this duel. Meran ultimately won 2-1 and stormed into the final.

The encounter started so well for Latsch, who took the lead through Alex Kiem in the 23rd minute. But the second half obviously belonged to the Kurstadt team, who turned the game around within ten minutes with two penalties taken by Alexander Stoimilovski (55th) and Armando Kozi (65th). It stayed that way. Meran now awaits Ahrntal in the final of the state cup.

State Cup, semi-finals

Ahrntal – Bozner FC 12:11 after penalty shootout
Goals: 1:0 Gruber (46th), 1:1 Pfeifer (55th), 1:2 Bocchio (62nd), 2:2 Zimmerhofer (62nd), Maurer decisive penalty

Olimpia Merano – Laces 2:1
Goals: 0:1 Kiem (17th), 1:1 Stoimilovski (50th), 2:1 Kozi (59th)

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