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Giacomo Favero will play for St. Georgen in the future. © Social Media

St. Georgen is bringing in a globetrotter, but not only

On Tuesday evening, Oberliga team St. Georgen started preparing for the new season. At the start, coach Berndt Mair was able to welcome numerous new faces.

St. Georgen is an exceptional football club. This is always evident in the summer when you study the transfer activities. The sporty creator Georg Brugger regularly fishes in the waters outside the region and attracts players who often have a curious resume. This time the royal transfer is true to the name Giacomo Favero, a central midfielder who will direct Jergina's game in the future.

In any case, looking at Favero's CV is interesting. The Italian has already played football in Malta, the Maldives and Thailand during his career. In his home country, Favero also played in Serie D, and most recently he was active in the Veneto league.

Vienna power for St. Georgen

A new addition has been made Tasillo “Hagen” Niederkofler an offensive man who also has a special story behind him. He lived in Vienna for years for study purposes, played there in the fourth and fifth leagues and always proved himself to be accurate. Last winter, Niederkofler joined Stegen, but was unable to get going due to a muscle injury and now wants to get started at St. Georgen.

Simon Harrasser (center) storms again for St. Georgen.

With David Ballestin (he was born in 2004 and has already gained Serie D and major league experience outside the country's borders) and Giovanni D'Amico (born 2005), two other footballers come from outside the region. In addition, St. Georgen Simon Harasser (Ahrntal) and Luca Lorenzi (Stegen) brought back. Yuri Volgger (born 2005) is a promising talent who recently spent three years at the Tirol Academy while... Domenico Calcagnile von Taisten Welsberg brought Prags back on board. Hannes Bachmann and Niklas Peintner come from our own youth. Trainer Berndt Mair can also rely on support from his coaching staff in the future, as Taufers coach Kurt Volgger is the new assistant coach.

The Jergina also had to let some players go. Rafael Miranda Pocai, Nicola Di Lalla, Dario Mattevi, Martin Hysomemaj, Andreas Priller and Stefan Krsic will no longer play for the Pusterer team in the future. “Our goal is to play a decent role in the championship again,” says Georg Brugger, describing his club’s goals.

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