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U9 national champion: Herons Natz/Schabs.

VSS youth football: national champions have been crowned

There was a lot of excitement and smiling faces on Sunday at the 45th VSS/Raiffeisen Youth Football State Championships in Kaltern. Over 400 children competed in the U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U15 categories and demonstrated great team spirit.

The record season of the VSS/Raiffeisen youth football championship came to an end with the title fights. Throughout the season, a total of 580 youth teams showed what they can do in around 4000 games. In the finals, the four best teams in each category gave it their all and played twelve games that were hard to beat in terms of excitement. The game was for the national championship title and third place.

National championship titles were awarded in the categories U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U15. “The focus of the VSS events is not just on winning, but also on sporting cooperation and fair treatment on the part of the players and spectators,” emphasized VSS chairman Paul Romen at the award ceremony.

The new VSS national champions

In the U9 they have Herons Natz/Schabs managed to beat SPG Laatsch/Taufers 5-1 and thus win the VSS/Raiffeisen national championship title. The U10 final was no less exciting ASV Milland scored a narrow 4:3 against Olimpia Meran. SPG Etschtal and SG Latzfons/Verdings also gave their best in the U11. They won until the end SG Latzfons/Verdings in the penalty shootout, after a 0-0 draw in regular time.

The U12 won FC Obermais fetch. With a score of 5:3 earned Selection Bruneck Pustertal the V national championship title for the U13 against SPG Untervinschgau. In the U15 final between Herons Natz/Schabs and ASV Villnöss/Teis they retained Heron's Natz/Schabs had the upper hand and were crowned national champions with a score of 6:1.

The finals at a glance

Final: SPG Laatsch/Taufers – Herons Natz/Schabs 1:5
Game for 3rd place: SSV Weinstrasse Süd – FC Obermais 3:2

Final: Olimpia Merano – ASV Milland 3:4
Game for 3rd place: ASV Dietenheim/Aufhofen – SSV Naturns 3-0

Final: SPG Etschtal – SG Latzfons/Verdings (0:0) 1:4 after penalty shootout
Game for 3rd place: ASV Feldthurns – SSV Leifers 2:1

Final: FC Obermais – SG Latzfons/Verdings 6:3
Game for 3rd place: SPG Obervinschgau – ASV Milland 0:2

Final: Selection Bruneck Pustertal – SPG Unetervinschgau 5:3
Game for 3rd place: AFC St. Pauls – SSV Pfalzen 4:0

Final: Herons Natz/Schabs – ASV Villnöss/Teis 6:1
Game for 3rd place: SPG Schlanders – ASV Jenesien (1:1) 2:4 after penalty shootout

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