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Stefan Schwoch The unforgettable 1999/2000 season in the Napoli jersey Goal machine and captain of Vicenza Schwoch also had an experience as a sports director in Vicenza

Livin'La Vida Loca

Napoli, Vicenza, Turin and Venice - these places are undoubtedly landmarks of the boot state of Italy and should of course not be missing from the “must-see” lists of every travel guide. For Stefan Schwoch, these cities are anything but just any tourist destinations: the native of Bolzano used his visits to these places as milestones in his successful career, in which he became the second most dangerous attacker in Serie B with 135 goals. Schwoch, who made his footballing beginnings at a certain club called Imperial Bozen and is now firmly established in Vicenza a few years after the end of his career, took the time for an interview for SportNews.bz.

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