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Aleksander Ceferin is worried about security at the upcoming European Football Championship. © APA/afp / RICHARD JUILLIART

UEFA boss worries about European Championship security: “The world situation is not ideal”

A few days before the start of the European Football Championship in Germany, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin sees “no concrete security concerns”.

But a problem for him is “the geopolitical situation in the world. More and more violence. More and more aggression. The world situation is not ideal,” said the 56-year-old Slovenian in an interview with the German Press Agency.

The head of the European Football Association is also happy, for security reasons, that he no longer has to organize a tournament like the pan-European European Championship in 2021. “The last European Championship in eleven countries was already complicated in itself. And I don’t think a tournament like this should take place again in the future,” said Ceferin. “A European Championship in eleven countries – that was tiring and also expensive. Now we finally have a classic football tournament again in a country with many advantages.”

When it comes to security issues, it is “of course easier for UEFA to no longer work with several countries like we did three years ago. But only with a ministry and a security apparatus. And that works very well with the German authorities,” said Ceferin.

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