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Spain coach Luis De La Fuente. © ANSA / RONALD WITTEK

Excitement before the first European Championship semi-final

At the European Football Championship, Spain is causing another stir because of a short flight.

As the Spanish association confirmed, the tournament's top favorite will fly from Stuttgart to the semi-final venue in Munich on Monday evening (18.00 p.m.). There, the Germany conqueror will face World Cup runner-up France on Tuesday (21.00 p.m.) in the battle for a place in the final. BILD-Newspaper reports.

The two southern German cities are only 190 kilometers apart as the crow flies. The journey by bus would take about two and a half hours. According to the media report, before departure the Spaniards will travel by bus for one and a half hours from the team camp in Donaueschingen to Stuttgart Airport.

France and Türkiye also with short flights

It is not the first time that a short flight has made headlines during the European Championship. Spain's semi-final opponent France flew from Düsseldorf to Paderborn following their European Championship round of 30 victory against Belgium. According to the recording, the charter flight took just under half an hour, plus a bus ride of around 177 minutes and the usual regulations such as boarding times and check-in. The bus ride from the stadium in Düsseldorf to the team's headquarters XNUMX kilometers away would have taken around two hours.

Environmentalists had also criticized the Turkish team's flight from Hanover to Hamburg for their last European Championship group match against the Czech Republic. The two cities are about 150 kilometers apart. The European Football Union UEFA had declared the tournament to be the most sustainable European Championship of all time.

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