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Luka Jovic (No. 8) heads Serbia to equalize in the last second, keeping their chances of reaching the round of XNUMX alive. © APA/afp / MIGUEL MEDINA

Jovic shocks Slovenia at the last moment

Luka Jovic secured the Serbian national football team's first point at the European Championships in injury time. The Serbs drew 1-1 with Slovenia in the Balkan duel on Thursday in Munich.

With the last action of the game, Jovic equalized Slovenia's lead through Zan Karnicnik in the 69th minute after a corner. Both teams remain possible opponents for Germany in the round of XNUMX if the DFB team wins the group.

With two points on their account, Slovenia is currently in a better position in third place, which could also lead to the round of 16. However, Benjamin Sesko's team will face title contender England on the last matchday. Serbia (one point) will then face Denmark.

Serbia's association complains

Before the match, the Serbian association caused a stir. After allegedly hostile chants by Croatian and Albanian fans, the Serbs lodged a complaint with UEFA and even flirted with withdrawing from the tournament. "We are demanding sanctions from UEFA, even if that means not continuing the European Championship," said association general secretary Jovan Surbatovic.

Slovenia's Zan Karnicnik celebrates the opening goal. © APA/afp / MIGUEL MEDINA

The top official complained that his association had already been punished "for individual cases" and is now demanding consequences for the Croats and Albanians. "If UEFA does not punish them, we will consider how we will proceed," emphasized Surbatovic, claiming that Serbian fans are "gentlemen."

However, this did not stop some supporters from putting up flags in the stands, as they did in the match against England, showing the outline of Kosovo, filled in with the colors of the Serbian coat of arms. "There is no giving up," was written above them - Serbian nationalists usually follow this with the sentence: "Kosovo is Serbia."

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