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The third division season is over for Eisfix from Latsch. © Sarah Mitterer

Vinschger ice hockey tears in front of a full hut

The second playoff semi-final game in IHL Division 1 was scheduled for Saturday evening. The AHC Vinschgau season also ended with him.

The Eisfix, South Tyrol's only playoff participant, were doomed to win this match in order to continue to dream of reaching the final. In the end there was a 4:7 defeat against title favorites Ares Sport.

They have already shown in the regular round that the Vinschgers can beat the team from Aosta. No other team has achieved this feat. The Eisfix were also on course for victory for a long time in the first semi-final game, However, they gave up a 3-0 lead and had to admit defeat 3-5 in the first semi-final. At home, the Eisfix wanted to equalize the series on Saturday evening and force the decisive third game. The guests from Aosta had to travel to Vinschgau without Brian Ihnacak after a rough check in the first semi-final game was taken out of circulation for three games by the sports judge.

The Eisfix were able to celebrate a temporary 2-goal lead. © Sarah Mitterer

In the Latscher IceForum, which was almost full with 316 spectators, Vinschgau started the game perfectly and was able to take the lead in the 9th minute through Adrian Klein. But Kalterer's Alex Frei equalized for Ares just 15 seconds after the start of the second period. To the delight of the Vinschger fans, Mattia Cassibba put Eisfix back in the lead in the 28th minute.

Alex Frei scores three times

Then it happened in quick succession. Initially, Edoardo Caletti was able to equalize for the guests, but the hosts found the right answer to the guests' renewed equalizer: Michael Pircher and Christian Verza increased the score to 4:2 within just under three minutes and the Latscher ice stadium was upside down. However, Ares showed morale for the second time in this semi-final series, fought through Frei to make it 3:4 before the second half-time break and was able to equalize for the third time that evening at the beginning of the last period of the game. In the 45th minute, Vinschgau's resistance was broken. Ares took the lead for the first time this evening through Patrick Timpone and didn't let it go. In the end, the self-sacrificing Eisfix had to admit defeat 4:7.

While the season is now over for Vinschgau, Ares Sport is in the final of IHL Division 1. There the team from Aosta meets champions Pinè, who won their semi-final series against HC Cadore 2-0. South Tyrol's second third division team, HC Gherdëina C, failed in the pre-playoffs.

IHL Division 1: Playoff Semifinals, Game 2

AHC Vinschgau Eisfix – Ares Sport 4:7
Goals: 1:0 Klein (8.47), 1:1 Frei (20.15), 2:1 Cassibba (27.15), 2:2 Caletti (34.27), 3:2 Pircher (35.17), 4:2 Verza (37.55), 4:3 Frei (38.15), 4:4 Timpone (42.07), 4:5 Timpone (44.16), 4:6 Frei (57.54), 4:7 Mazzocchi (58.51)
Audience: 316
Final score in the series: 0:2

HC Cadore – HC Pinè 2:3
0:1 Bertoldi (3.34), 0:2 Colombini (4.48), 1:2 Talamini (10.53), 2:2 Vettor (31.36), 2:3 Colombini (36.27)
Audience: 214
Final score in the series: 0:2


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