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HCG goalkeeper Paul Hofer had his hands full. © Max Pattis

Buam celebrate derby victory and a perfect start to the season

The Rittner Buam are cheering, HC Gherdëina is struggling: This is how the mood after the first matchday in the Alps Hockey League can be summed up. Tray Tuomie's men won the opening game after a tough fight.

From the Arena Ritten in Klobenstein

Leo Holzknecht

The fans have been looking forward to this moment for a long time, but on Saturday it finally happened: The new season in the Alps Hockey League was launched with the derby between the Rittner Buam and HC Gherdëina. The derby kept what it promised: After a strong first third from the home team, a respectable game developed that was decided by details and won by the Buam 3-1.

Already in the first few minutes it was clear in which direction this game was going. The home team exerted great pressure from all rows, created the first chances through Jakob Prast and Robert Öhler and consequently took the lead: A sharp cross from Marco Insam directed Alan Lobis into the corner to make it 1-0. away. As a result, the HCG increased and the game took place mainly in the neutral zone. Nevertheless, the Buam managed another goal: Hannes Kasslatter lost the puck in front of his own goal, Lois Fink thanked him and increased the score to 2-0.

The preliminary decision was made shortly after the start of the second period: Ethan Szypula crossed wonderfully in the power play for Max Coatta, who finished straight away, leaving Hofer no chance. The Furies then had several opportunities to reduce the deficit to 1:3: first Kasslatter missed the goal on a solo attempt, then Brad McGowan hit the crossbar, before Colin Furlong rose above Diego Glück and Erwin De Nardin on a counterattack.

It remains exciting

In the final section, the guests showed their morale by never letting themselves down. The reward for this was the power play goal from Anthony DeLuca, who caught Furlong at the near post on the power play. After the HCG then survived being twice outnumbered, the Canadian had another solo attempt to make it 2:3. Once again, Furlong became a spoilsport. The goalkeeper also showed his class on a subsequent power play when he made a miraculous save from Yuri Cristellon. The Furies tried with one more man, but the score remained 3-1.

Cavs and Broncos cheer

Tobias Brighenti scored twice. © Vanna Antonello

At the same time they both celebrated Underland Cavaliers as well as the Wipptal Broncos two mandatory wins at home. Unterland clearly defeated the KAC Future Team 7-1 thanks to goals from double goalscorer Tobias Brighenti, Florian Wieser, Gabriel Galassiti, Michael Sullmann, Moritz Kaufmann and Lukas Goldner.

Justin Maylan celebrated a brace. © Oskar Brunner

The Wild Horses fell behind 1:2 after a Persson brace, but then turned things around and, led by Justin Maylan, collected the three points - the final score was 4:2 in favor of Sjöquist's troops.

Fists were flying in Kitzbühel. Like in this picture after goalie Andrei Makarov was injured. © BK Photo

The HC Meran has meanwhile suffered a bitter defeat: Luca Ansoldi & Co. went down 1:10 at EC Kitzbühel. Nolan Ritchie scored the consolation goal. To make matters worse, Meran's star goalie Andrei Makarov was seriously injured after a check from Kitz crack Patrick Bolterle. When the score was 1:5, Matteo Calvi took his place between the posts. As a result, the game got completely out of hand and ultimately ended in a clear defeat for the HCM.

Alps Hockey League:

Rittner Buam – HC Gherdëina 3:1
Goals: 1:0 Lobis (9.24), 2:0 Lois Fink (19.44), 3:0 Coatta (22.33), 3:1 DeLuca (47.07)
Audience: 627

Unterland Cavaliers – KAC Future Team 7:1
Goals: 1:0 Goldner (3.13), 2:0 Brighenti (13.02), 3:0 Wieser (16.20), 4:0 Brighenti (24.47), 5:0 Gabriel Galassiti (36.29), 6:0 Michael Sullmann (45.45 ), 6:1 Lam (46.38), 7:1 Kaufmann (54.58)
Audience: 235

Wipptal Broncos – Steel Wings Linz 4:2
Goals: 1:0 Maylan (1.27), 1:1 Persson (7.52), 1:2 Persson (31.21), 2:2 Maylan (31.41), 3:2 Sanvido (33.50), 4:2 Topatigh (39.33)
Audience: 345

EC Kitzbühel – HC Meran 10:1
Goals: 1:0 Seto (4.48), 2:0 Niemelä (9.16), 3:0 Rotter (17.42), 4:0 Seto (22.33), 5:0 Tschurnig (23.0), 5:1 Ritchie (23.43), 6:1 Schröder (36.28), 7:1 Maurer (47.36), 8:1 Spiro (54.01), 9:1 Tröthan (56.24), 10:1 Matzka (58.21)
Audience: 501

HDD Jesenice – HK Celje 6:1
Goals: 1:0 Jezovsek (3.44), 2:0 Lesnicar (4.20), 3:0 Lesnicar (22.06), 4:0 Glavic (24.31), 5:0 Spari Leben (42.12), 6:0 Spari Leben (44.50 ), 6:1 Mintautiskis (46.21)
Spectators: 800

EK Zell am See – EHC Lustenau 4:3
Goals: 1:0 Alagic (5.45), 2:0 Lahoda (16.37), 2:1 Puschnik (24.58), 2:2 Moosbrugger (25.36), 3:2 Altmann (28.56), 3:3 Haberl (38.00), 4:3 Jennes (56.47)
Audience: 1289

EC Bregenzerwald – Reb Bull Juniors 3:1
Goals: 1:0 Metzler (12.57), 1:1 Kirchebner (13.48), 2:1 Kulintsev (36.43), 3:1 Kulintsev (58.27)
Spectators: 551

The table
1. Jesenice220010:26
2. Kitzbuhel110010:13
3. Underland Cavaliers11007:13
4. Wipptal Broncos11004:23
5. Bregenzerwald11003:13
5. Rittner Buam11003:13
7. Zell am See11004:33
8. HC Fassa11003:22
9. SG Cortina10012:31
10. Lustenau10013:40
11. Linz II10012:40
12. HC Gherdëina10011:30
13. HK Celje10011:60
14. Klagenfurt II10011:70
15. HC Meran10011:100
16. Salzburg II20022:70

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