Match winner Luca Frigo and Cristiano DiGiacinto celebrate Bolzano's third goal. © Vanna Antonello

After a wild fight: HC Bozen is back!

With fight, heart and a lot of passion or otherwise: With Daniel Frank and Mike Halmo, the Foxes bit back against the Salzburg Bulls in the semi-finals. They gave 5.000 enthusiastic fans an unforgettable evening of ice hockey and at least one more home game this season.

From the Sparkasse Arena in Bolzano

Alexander Foppa

Mourning in Brunico, rejoicing in Bolzano. This is how Tuesday evening in South Tyrol's ice hockey capitals can be summed up. While Klagenfurt with a 5:3 win in Pustertal sealed the Wolves' semi-final exit, the Foxes can dream of the title again. They won against Salzburg 3-2 and equalized 7-2 in the best-of-2 series.

It was a fight, a very tough fight, that the foxes and bulls fought in the Sparkasse Arena. And there are no other players in the Bolzano ranks who live this type of game as much as Daniel Frank and Mike Halmo. Both got back into the ring after an injury break of several weeks and played a key role in Bozen's powerful fightback after a 3-4 lead two days ago after the bitter 3-0 defeat.

But the match winners that evening were others, namely the goal scorers Connor Ford, Dustin Gazley and Luca Frigo. One kept the game going, the other worked his magic tirelessly and the latter threw himself into every final attempt before scoring the third goal that ultimately proved decisive. The rest was done by goalie Sam Harvey, who was the only one who kept his nerve in the heated final phase, which was marked by scuffles and brawls.

5 goals and one exclusion

Ford, the clever foxConnor Ford provides the first exclamation mark: The US boy circles the Salzburg goal and, with the help of the goalie's leg guard, nets the score to 1-0 (19th).
Gazley very politelyDustin Gazley is not attacked in the majority and politely says “Thank you”: With a deflected shot, the exceptional player scores the well-deserved 2-0 (28th).
Schilling flies, Frigo hitsSalzburg weakens itself: Schilling lets Josh Teves check his head - the result: a match penalty and five minutes of Bolzano's power play. Luca Frigo converted this into 3-0 with a cracking shot into the far corner (40th).
The Hubers strikeSalzburg is back: After a puck relay in the power play, the puck lands at Mario Huber, who only has to hold out his stick to make it 3-1 (47th). Just six minutes later, his namesake Paul Huber steered the disc into the goal to make it 3-2. In the remaining seven minutes things get really wild again and again, but no more hits are scored.

After this final tremor was over, it was official: There is at least one more home game for HC Bozen this season! This takes place on Easter Saturday. Before that, the series moves to Mozart's city again. SportNews accompanies the 5th semi-final game on Thursday (from 19.15:XNUMX p.m.) with a live ticker.

HCB Südtirol Alperia – EC Red Bull Salzburg 3-2

HSBC: Harvey (Vallini); DiPerna-Vandane, Söderberg-Parlett, Teves-Pietroniro; DiGiacinto-McClure-Thomas, Frigo-Mantenuto-Miceli, Halmo-Ford-Gazley, Brunner-Alberga-Frank, Felicetti
Coach: Glen Hanlon

RBS: Tolvanen (Kickert); Robertson-Murphy, Genoway-Lewington, Stapelfeldt-Schilling, Sinn; Raffl-Nissner-Thaler, Paul Huber-Wukovits-Hochkofler, Auer-Rymsha-Meyer, Bourke-Baltram-Mario Huber, Harnisch
Coach: Oliver David

Gates: 1:0 Connor Ford (18.15), 2:0 Dustin Gazley (27.41), 3:0 Luca Frigo (39.55), 3:1 Mario Huber (45.46), 3:2 Paul Huber (52.44)

Viewers: 5.012

Best of 7 series: 2:2

The 2nd semi-final duel:

HC Pustertal – Klagenfurter AC 3:5 (click here for the report)
Goals: 0:1 Unterweger (3.23), 0:2 Kraus (27.40), 0:3 Kraus (29.36), 0:4 van Ee (34.17), 1:4 Akeson (38.31), 2:4 Schofield (42.29) , 3:4 Schofield (49.52), 3:5 Petersen (58.05)

Viewers: 3.104

Final standings in the series: 0:4

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