HCB goalkeeper Sam Harvey not only intervened decisively in this scene. © René Krammer

With steam and excitement: Bozen is heading towards the semi-finals

The Foxes are still a force in the playoffs! HCB Südtirol Alperia also won the second semi-final game against Villach – on foreign ice. But the joy was not undimmed.

On the 5:2 at home on Sunday, HC Bozen followed up with a 4-2 win in the atmospheric Villach town hall on Tuesday. This means the two-time champions are pushing the semi-final door wide open. There are still two steps left to march through. The next, possibly penultimate act of the best-of-7 series will take place on Thursday in Bolzano.

But first, let's take a look back at an exciting, captivating ice hockey evening in Villach: The VSV was significantly more aggressive, better organized and more attentive than in game one. Bozen no longer whirled so wildly, but once again acted with hardness, intelligence and a bit of stupidity. The Adler fired 36 shots on goal (the HCB only 24), but only hit the mark twice. On the one hand, this was due to bad luck at the end, but on the other hand it was also due to the outstanding goalkeeper Sam Harvey and the compact Bolzano defense, which - unlike in the regular season - supported their goalkeeper to the best of their ability.

The only thing that worried HCB coach Glen Hanlon that evening was the personnel situation. Top striker Christian Thomas, who had already traveled to Carinthia with the team, had to withdraw at short notice due to flu. This resulted in several changes: defender Andreas Söderberg slipped into the squad in his place, Leo Felicetti from the bench into the fixed lineup and Cristiano DiGiacinto into the first line as Thomas' replacement.

Worried about migrants

But that wasn't enough: At the beginning of the middle third, VSV striker Robert Sabolic Enrico Miglioranzi fell unhappily on his bent knee. It wasn't just the HCB fans who came along who held their breath. The 32-year-old Defender remained lying with his face contorted in pain, then disappeared into the cabin with a team of doctors and never returned. A diagnosis is still pending.

The highlights

Hello, please wake up!After 74 seconds, Brad McClure rudely shakes the Eagles out of their initial slumber. He dusted off a blocked DiGiacinto shot to make it 1-0.
Wow, what a save!Goalie Sam Harvey got the Bolzano game going in the right direction by stretching out while lying on the ground and spectacularly scratching a short-range shot from Tyler Steenbergen off the line with his catcher's glove (5th).
Goalie as preparerHarvey not only cuts a good figure at the back, but also in the guests' forward movement. He initiates a counterattack in the power play by sending Angelo Miceli on his way with a pass across half the field. He plays across to Dustin Gazley, who makes it 2-0 (31').
Hughes, the pound guyJohn Hughes alone keeps the game open. First he serves Robert Sabolic to make it 1:2. After Josh Teves' hidden shot to give Bolzano a 3-1 lead, the Austro-Canadian did it himself: He scored again five minutes before the end. This means league record scorer Hughes now has 1.035 points across all seasons – unbelievable! Only Gazley's empty net goal to make it 4-2 ends the Hughes show.

Now the series is moving back to South Tyrol, where game three will be played on Thursday (19.30:19.45 p.m.). Then HC Pustertal will get back into the playoff action. The Wolves want to reduce the 0-2 series deficit in the first home game (XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.). The other two quarter-final duels, on the other hand, are completely evenly matched after Klagenfurt and Linz hit back on Tuesday (see below).

IDM heat pumps Villacher SV – HCB Südtirol Alperia 2:4

VSV: Lamoureux (Swett); Katic-MacPherson, Lindner-Wall, Wetzl-Cap, Florian Lanzinger-Tschurnig; Sabolic-Hancock-Hughes, Steenbergen-Desjadins-Golod, Wallenta-Rauchenwald-Benjamin Lanzinger, Viveiros-Maxa-Geifes.
Coach: Rodman

HSBC: Harvey (Vallini); Valentine-Vandane, Teves-Di Perna, Miglioranzi-Parlett, Pietroniro-Söderberg; Frank-McClure-DiGiacinto, Halmo-Ford-Gazley, Frigo-Mantenuto-Miceli, Brunner-Alberga-Felicetti.
Coach: Hanlon

Gates: 0-1 Brad McClure (1.14), 0-2 Dustin Gazley (30.27), 1-2 Robert Sabolic (34.25), 1-3 Josh Teves (53.12), 2-3 John Hughes (55.09), 2-4 Dustin Gazley (59.43)

Viewers: 3.092

Best of 7 series: 2:0

The other quarter-final duels:

Pioneers Vorarlberg – Klagenfurter AC 0:1
Goal: 0:1 Van Ee (11.49)
Audience: 3.488
Best of 7 series: 1:1

Black Wings Linz – EC Salzburg 3:2
Goals: 1:0 Feldner (1.14), 2:0 Roe (38.59), 2:1 Raffl (39.48), 2:2 Thaler (39.55), 3:2 Lebler (44.44)
Audience: 4.515
Best of 7 series: 1:1

Fehervar AV – HC Pustertal 3:2 (on Monday)
Best of 7 series: 2:0

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