Connor Ford (l.) and the HCB were literally eliminated from the way by Salzburg. © GEPA/Valentina Gallina

The cops push Bozen against the white and red wall

More than 5.500 fans transformed the Sparkasse Arena into a white and red ice hockey temple on Friday evening. Only: It didn't help! HCB Südtirol Alperia had to concede the series equalizer in the semi-final against Salzburg.

From the Sparkasse Arena in Bolzano

Alexander Foppa

HC Bozen only had the home advantage for three days, now the Salzburg Bulls have this trump card in their hand again. They made up for Bolzano's away win from Game 1 with a 3-1 coup in the South Tyrolean state capital. In this semi-final the cards are reshuffled again, while Klagenfurt moved to 4-2 in the parallel series with a 2-0 win in Bruneck.

About the game in the Bolzano cauldron: The second, once again hard-fought encounter was similar for a long time to the first one three days ago in the Salzburg Volksgarten. The difference was that the Foxes were a little more careless in defense this time. The guests repeatedly found unexpected freedom in the attacking third. Unlike the shutout win in Salzburg, HCB goalie Sam Harvey didn't pull the coals out of the fire this time.

On the other side, i.e. on the offensive, the absence of Mike Halmo, who had taken part in the final training in the morning but had to withdraw due to persistent pain, was noticeable in Bozen. He took a seat in the stands next to captain Daniel Frank, who is suffering from the after-effects of a concussion. Both were loudly celebrated by the fans, but at that point everything on the ice was already pointing to a Salzburg victory.

4 scenes, 4 goals

Revenge of the ExBenjamin Nissner breaks through on the right and has his eye on Dennis Robertson, who just has to push in at the second post. Of all people, the ex-Bolzano player puts Salzburg in the lead here (33rd).
A strange thingBozen manages to equalize with the majority - and it's extremely strange, because Davis Vandane's shot is directed by Domenico Alberga onto the plexiglass, but from there jumps to the back of Salzburg goalie Atte Tolvanen and finally into the goal (39th).
How bitter!The stadium announcer is just announcing Alberga's equalizer when the Bulls take the lead again. Lucas Thaler perfectly sets up Thomas Raffl with a backhand pass and the captain finishes with a powerful shot into the short cross corner - 14 seconds after the equalizer (39th).
The Hubers do itAfter a HCB misunderstanding in the attacking third, Salzburg started the counterattack, Mario Huber passed to namesake Paul Huber, who uncompromisingly hammered the puck into the far corner with a one-timer (51'). That's it!

With the home advantage regained, the Bulls are now traveling back to Salzburg via the Brenner. The third semi-final act will take place there on Sunday (18.30 p.m.). HC Pustertal will also compete away in its best-of-7 series on Sunday, namely in the Klagenfurt exhibition hall. SportNews accompanies both games in the live ticker again.

HCB Südtirol Alperia – EC Red Bull Salzburg 1-3

HSBC: Harvey (Vallini); Valentine-Vandane, Teves-DiPerna, Söderberg-Parlett, Pietroniro; Felicetti-Ford-Gazley, Digiacinto-McClure-Thomas, Frigo-Mantenuto-Miceli, Brunner-Alberga-Luisetti
Coach: Glen Hanlon

RBS: Tolvanen (Kickert); Robertson-Murphy, Genoway-Lewington, Stapelfeldt-Schilling, Sinn; Raffl-Nissner-Thaler, Paul Huber-Wukovits-Hochkofler, Auer-Rymsha-Meyer, Bourke-Baltram-Mario Huber, Harnisch.
Coach: Oliver David

Gates: 0:1 Dennis Robertson (32.23), 1:1 Domenico Alberga (38.18), 1:2 Thomas Raffl (38.32), 1:3 Paul Huber (50.43)

Viewers: 5.510

Best of 7 series: 1:1

The 2nd semi-final:

HC Pustertal – Klagenfurter AC 2:4 (click here for the report)
Gates: 0:1 Manuel Ganahl (09.16), 0:2 Matt Fraser (17.03), 0:3 Lukas Haudum (17.32), 1:3 David Morley (40.36), 2:3 Mats Frycklund (56.07), 2:4 Christoph Unterweger (59.34)
Viewers: 3.104
Best of 7 series: 0:2


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