HC Pustertal got a taste of the sensation in Hungary. © Soos Attila

It's not clear: wolves are sniffing out the coup

HC Pustertal sniffed out a big surprise in Game 1 of the playoff quarter-final series against Fehervar. But in the end the wolves had to narrowly admit defeat. They are now under pressure in the second game, which takes place on Monday evening.

The HCP, who had to make do without the injured Raphael Andergassen and Dante Hannoun, led 2-1 in Hungary for a long time and only conceded the equalizer five minutes before the end of the final third. In overtime, HC Pustertal finally lost 2:3 against Fehervar and is therefore 7:0 behind in the best-of-1 series. This would have been the Black and Yellows' first playoff win since they joined the ICE Hockey League.

Many had assumed that the series between Fehervar and Pustertal would be a clear result in favor of the second-placed team in the regular season. The South Tyroleans only qualified for the postseason at the last moment in the pre-playoffs. Two years ago, the Pusterers clearly lost the quarter-final series against Fehervar 0-4. And this year too there were four defeats against the Hungarians in the regular season.

HC Pustertal had to admit defeat in overtime. © Soos Attila

But the Wolves surprised with a courageous performance in Game 1 on Sunday evening. Only in the starting third were Vuorinen's troops not really in the picture for a long time. Otherwise, Dan Catenacci & Co. were on equal terms with their opponents.

The highlights

Fehervar betterThe home team starts like the fire department. After less than 2 minutes, Philipps made it 1-0. The Hungarians are the better team in the first third and press for a 2-goal lead.
Pusterer answerWhat an answer from HC Pustertal in the second third. Sill and Ege turn the game in the guests' favor within less than 4 minutes. The HCP made it clear at the beginning of the middle third that they wanted to work more courageously - and that was rewarded.
Fehervar saves himselfThe home team got their deserved equalizer towards the end of the final third. McGauley scores in the third attempt and saves Fehervar in overtime.
The endKuralt secured the overtime victory for Fehervar after just under 3 minutes. The wolves have advanced far. Kuralt charges at Smith alone and skillfully lets him get out.

The defeat is bitter in the end. This means that the Wolves are under pressure in Game 19.15 on Monday evening (2:XNUMX p.m.), which will again be played in the Székesfehérvár cauldron.

In contrast to HC Pustertal, HCB Südtirol Alperia started its quarter-final series against Villacher SV with a win. The Foxes won 5-2 in the Sparkasse Arena at home. Captain Daniel Frank became the match winner.

Hydro Fehervar AV – HC Pustertal 3:2 aet

Fehervar: Roy (Horvath); Fournier-Campbell, Stipsicz-Nilsson, Robertson-Philipps, Kiss-Ambrus; Magosi-Hari-Kuralt, Leclerc-Bartalis-Mihaly, Atkinson-McGauley-Leavens, Ambrus-Nemeth-Terbocs.
Coach: Kiss

Pustertal: Smith (Bernard); Stanton-Messner, Kasastul-Ege, Glira-Atwal, Althuber; Catenacci-Frycklund-Petan, Morley-Schofield-Akeson, Deluca-Sill-Mantinger, Öhler-Berger-Hasler.
Coach: Vuorinen

Gates: 1:0 Philipps (01.37), 1:1 Sill (27.52), 1:2 Ege (31.22), 2:2 McGauley (54.48), 3:2 Kuralt (62.46)

Viewers: 2.889

Best of 7 series: 1:0

ICE: The other playoff quarterfinals

HC Bozen - Villacher SV 5:2 (click here for the report)
Goals: 1:0 Mantenuto (14.44), 2:0 Frank (19.52), 3:0 Frank (28.14), 4:0 Miglioranzi (30.19), 4:1 Desjardins (44.25), 4:2 MacPherson (56.44), 5:2 Brad McClure (59.15)
Audience: 3.820
Best of 7 series: 1:0

Klagenfurter AC - Pioneers Vorarlberg 0:2
Goals: 0:1 Pastujov (0.17), 0:2 Owre (26.34)
Audience: 4.395
Best of 7 series: 0:1

EC Salzburg - Black Wings Linz 4:0
Goals: 1:0 Schneider (24.32), 2:0 Raffl (34.3), 3:0 Rymsha (47.20), 4:0 Rymsha (48.17)
Audience: 3.087
Best of 7 series: 1:0

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