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The atmosphere in the World Cup arenas is great, but outside there is sometimes anger and frustration. © APA/afp / MICHAL CIZEK

Fake World Cup tickets: almost 30.000 euros in damage

At the Ice Hockey World Championship in the Czech Republic, many fans fell for fake or repeatedly sold tickets. The damage and anger are immense.

In the first four days of the tournament, around 300 such cases were registered, the Czech police announced on the platform on Tuesday X (formerly Twitter). The total damage amounts to around 690.000 crowns, the equivalent of around 27.800 euros.

The victims of fraud usually only notice the fraud when the turnstile at the stadium entrance does not accept the QR code on their ticket and an error message appears. At the complaint counter, those affected will then receive a confirmation with which they can file a report with the police.

The two World Cup arenas are always full, but not everyone can get in. © ANSA / MARTIN DIVISEK

At both venues in Ostrava and Prague, the law enforcement officers are on site with cybercrime experts, among others. The illegally resold or counterfeit tickets were often purchased on classified ads and resale platforms on the Internet - often at inflated prices.

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