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Hungary celebrates its second victory in its second game. © Vanna Antonello/IIHF

World Cup in Bolzano: These Hungarians are a tough nut to crack

On the second matchday of the Ice Hockey World Championship in the 1st Division (Group A), promotion candidate Hungary flexed its muscles again.

The Hungarians clinched their second World Cup victory in front of almost 1.500 spectators. Two days after 3:1 against Japan They defeated South Korea 6-2.

After a false start and a 0-1 deficit, Hungary – egged on by its loud supporters – got better and better on track. The later double goalscorer Csanad Erdely equalized to 14-1 in the 1th minute, then Istvan Sofron set the course for victory. The 36-year-old veteran scored after a great individual effort. Shortly after the restart, Fehervar defender Bence Stipsicz made it 3-1 with a hidden shot. After that it was all about the South Koreans, who fought bravely but had no chance.

Around 1.000 fans from Hungary created a great atmosphere in the Sparkasse Arena. © Vanna Antonello/IIHF

While the Asians suffered their first tournament defeat, Hungary greeted them undefeated from the top of the table.

B-WM in Bolzano: Tuesday’s games

Slovenia - Romania 6:1
Goals: 0:1 Zagidullin (3.40), 1:1 Bohinc (15.43), 2:1 Ticar (20.39), 3:1 Torok (36.36), 4:1 Mahkovec (37.47), 5:1 Mahkovec (46.35), 6:1 Ticar (48.08)
Audience: 1.304

Hungary - South Korea
Goals: 0:1 Young Jun Lee (1.28), 1:1 Csanad Erdely (13.35), 2:1 Istvan Sofron (16.40), 3:1 Bence Stipsicz (24.25), 4:1 Balazs Sebok (27.31), 5: 1 Akos Mihaly (28.07), 6:1 Csanad Erdely (30.13), 6:2 Sanghoon Shin (48.31)
Audience: 1.450

Italy - Japan (19.30 p.m.)

3.South Korea23

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