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In this scene, Luca Frigo redeems the Azzurri - and the Sparkasse Arena is turned upside down. © IIHF/Vanna Antonello

Mishaps, bad luck, celebrations: Italy celebrates a crazy World Cup victory

Almost 3.500 spectators experienced a thrilling evening of ice hockey in the Bozner Sparkasse Arena on Tuesday. This lasted over three hours and ended with the Azzurri losing their first point at this home World Cup.

From the Sparkasse Arena in Bolzano

Alexander Foppa

For Italy, the second appearance in the title fights in Bolzano certainly didn't go as planned. And yet: In the end, the men in the azure blue jerseys and with them the fans in the well-filled stands cheered. HCB striker Luca Frigo scored the Blue Team in extra time to a 4-3 win against Japan.

While co-favorites Hungary and Slovenia achieved crystal-clear victories in the afternoon, Italy found it extremely difficult against the Asians, who had so far had no points. There was a lack of coolness at the front and a lack of coordination and liveliness at the back. In addition, young goalie Damian Clara didn't have the best evening at his premiere. The agile Japanese even narrowly missed the big coup.

Italy gave up a 2-0 lead and only saved themselves into overtime in the final minutes. There, Frigo became the big match winner in front of his Bolzano fans.

Third break lasts 60 minutes

Beforehand, the audience had to be patient for a long time, as the second third break lasted a whopping hour. The reason? A piece of plexiglass broke in the Bolzano ice arena and had to be replaced. But this didn't dampen the wonderful World Cup atmosphere in the stands.

A wild back and forth

In the living roomAnthony Salinitri stops a disastrous build-up pass and passes it on to Dan Catenacci, who finishes from the floor. Dustin Gazley converted the rebound as dry as dust (24'). The Bolzano striker makes it 1-0 in his living room.
In pursuitDiego Kostner sets up Tommy De Luca in a 2-on-1 situation, who then gets stuck on the goalie. But Kostner follows up and pushes the follow-up shot over the line (30th).
On swimmingAgainst the lively Japanese, Italy's defense always looks old - especially Terrance Amorosa. In the 32nd minute he lost sight of Yu Sato, who moments later reduced the score to 1:2. Just 2 minutes later, Kohei Sato escaped from him and pushed the puck through Damian Clara's braces to make it 2-2.
Bad luckItaly threw everything forward in the final third, but Japan remained extremely dangerous - as was the case in the 53rd minute when Koki Yoneyama from the Blues simply pulled away. Daniel Glira stands exactly in the flight path and blocks Clara’s view – 2:3.
With willWho if not him? Who if not the captain? Thomas Larkin takes Italy's fate into his hands, moves alone into the offensive third after a pass from Spornberger and hammers the goal into the net to make it 3-3 (56th).
With FrigoIn the final third he missed another great opportunity, but now he redeems his teammates, coaches, fans and, last but not least, himself: Luca Frigo scores the Blue Team lucky in overtime after just 5 seconds.

Since the Azzurri didn't get the three points they were aiming for in the end, but only two, Hungary is now alone in first place in the rankings. For pursuers Italy, things continue on Wednesday, when Slovenia is their next opponent. The game starts at 19.30:XNUMX p.m. (SportNews ticks live). Before that, the Eastern European duel Hungary against Romania (12.30 p.m.) and the Asian derby Japan against South Korea (16 p.m.) will take place.

Italy – Japan 4:3 aet

Italy: Clara (Bernard); Seed-Trivallato, Spornberger-Larkin, Amorosa-Pietroniro, Glira-Insam; De Luca-Mantenuto-Frigo, Salinitri-Catenacci-Gazley, Marchetti-Kostner-Frank, Deluca-Purdeller-Mantinger.

Japan: Narisawa (Fukufuji); Yamada-Ishida, Hayata-Halliday, Hiroto Sato-Yoneyama, Yusei Otsu-Lawlor; Hitosato-Shogo Nakajima-Takagi, Yu Sato-Osawa-Kosuke Otsu, Furuhashi-Teruto Nakajima-Hanzawa, Isogai-Irikura-Kohei Sato.
Coach: Jarrod Skald

Gates: 1:0 Gazley (23.59), 2:0 Kostner (29.48), 2:1 Yu Sato (31.19), 2:2 Kohei Sato (34.38), 2:3 Koki Yoneyama (52.55), 3:3 Thomas Larkin (56.19 ), 4:3 Luca Frigo (60.05)

Viewers: 3.437

The other Tuesday games:

Slovenia - Romania 6:1 (click here for the report)
Goals: 0:1 Zagidullin (3.40), 1:1 Bohinc (15.43), 2:1 Ticar (20.39), 3:1 Torok (36.36), 4:1 Mahkovec (37.47), 5:1 Mahkovec (46.35), 6:1 Ticar (48.08)
Audience: 1.304

Hungary - South Korea 6:2 (click here for the report)
Goals: 0:1 Young Jun Lee (1.28), 1:1 Csanad Erdely (13.35), 2:1 Istvan Sofron (16.40), 3:1 Bence Stipsicz (24.25), 4:1 Balazs Sebok (27.31), 5: 1 Akos Mihaly (28.07), 6:1 Csanad Erdely (30.13), 6:2 Sanghoon Shin (48.31)
Audience: 1.450

3.South Korea23

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