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Völser-Weiher youth mountain run a complete success

Völser-Weiher youth mountain run a complete success

The traditional Völser-Weiher youth mountain run took place this weekend, in which around 150 athletes from the U8 to U18 age groups took part.

The youth mountain runner season opened on the beautiful circuit around the Völser Weiher. Janina Wild celebrated a confident victory in the U18 girls. The athlete from ASV Deutschnofen clearly prevailed in 8.55 minutes ahead of the two Merano women Julia Gamper and Kathrin Hauser. At the finish, Wild was 14 and 19 seconds ahead of her pursuers.

Lina Wallisch, who competes for LC Bozen, secured the U16 class ahead of the Sarnen twins Greta and Klara Weger. In the boys' competition, however, Max Unterkalmsteiner from Sarner had the upper hand ahead of Laurin Marschall. U14 runner Sophia Lamprecht (SC Meran) won ahead of Anna Thaler and Selina Gruber from LG Schlern. Among the boys of the same age, the victory went to Paul Werth from Kalter. Victory in the U12 age group went to Maja Cattani - she also competes for KSV - and Francesco Civita from Merano. Another Kalterer, Hannes Prossliner, was at the top of the U10 team. Alina Mair (LG Schlern) was in a class of her own among the girls. Elisabeth Marschall and Filippo Pietrobon won the U8 class.

The cross series will continue next Saturday with the second race of the season, the provincial youth mountain run in Oberplanitzing.

Results youth mountain run Völser Weiher

Girls U18
1. Janina Wild (ASV Deutschnofen) 8.55 minutes
2. Julia Gamper (SC Meran) 9.09 p.m
3. Kathrin Hauser (SC Meran) 9.14

Girls U16
1. Lina Wallisch (LC Bozen) 6.47
2. Greta Weger (Running Friends Sarntal) 7.09
3. Klara Weger (Running Friends Sarntal) 7.09

Girls U14
1. Sophia Lamprecht (SC Meran) 4.34
2. Anna Thaler (Running Friends Sarntal) 4.43
3. Selina Gruber (LG Schlern) 4.47

Girls U12
1. Maja Cattani (KSV Athletics) 3.07
2. Madlen Kröss (Running Friends Sarntal) 3.11
3. Mia Thaler (Running Friends Sarntal) 3.12

Girls U10
1. Alina Mair (LG Schlern) 1.45

Girls U8
1. Elisabeth Marschall (ASC Berg) 1.14

Boys U16
1. Max Unterkalmsteiner (Running Friends Sarntal) 7.42 minutes
2. Laurin Marschall (LC Bozen) 7.53

Boys U14
1. Paul Werth (KSV Athletics) 4.14
2. Matthias Kröss (Running Friends Sarntal) 4.25
3. Bastian Perez Montes (LG Schlern) 4.37

Boys U12
1. Francesco Civita (SC Merano) 2.58
2. Elias Tratter (Running Friends Sarntal) 2.59
3. Luca Thaler (Running Friends Sarntal) 3.04

Boys U10
1. Hannes Prossliner (KSV Athletics) 1.37

Boys U8
1. Filippo Pietrobon (SAB) 1.11

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