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Debora Vivarelli played strongly.

Debora Vivarelli's big exclamation mark in Sweden

Table tennis player Debora Vivarelli showed a very strong performance in Sweden. She made it to the semi-finals.

Last week, three South Tyrolean table tennis figureheads, Debora Vivarelli, Giorgia Piccolin and Jordy Piccolin, took part in the WTT Feeder Swedish Open in Stockholm. Vivarelli in particular played a big role.

For the second time in her career, the Kalter native, currently number 156 in the world, reached the semi-finals of an international tournament. Along the way, she defeated world numbers 53 and 90 and collected important points for the world rankings. Vivarelli lost the semi-final against Shan Xiaona, who is ranked 34th in the world, 1:3.

Giorgia Piccolin was eliminated in the first round, while her brother Jordy was unlucky. After winning the first round, he immediately met Truls Moregard, the number 1 seed in the tournament. That was the end for him.

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