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Biathlon talent Camille Coupe. © Social Media

Biathlon talent and the truth that no one wants to talk about

22-year-old Camille Coupé is no stranger to the world of biathlon. But this winter was a particularly hard one for the Frenchwoman. Instead of qualifying for international competitions, Camille struggled with a challenge that many top athletes don't publicly admit: depression.

Camille, who has been with the French team for four years, had already realized in November that she would not be able to meet her high expectations: “I knew it would cost me dearly the whole winter,” she told Nordic Magazine. Despite solid summer training, her performance plummeted and she failed to reach the required level.

In late December, during the Christmas season, Camille began to slip into depression. She reported: "I got to the point where I cried every day and didn't want to get up in the morning." The biathlete, who usually lives out her passion for training and cross-country skiing, lost all motivation.

Medical help sought

Luckily, she was able to count on the support of her family and professional help. “My family supported me 100 percent and were always there for me,” said Camille. She also sought medical help and practiced yoga, which helped her slowly get back into a positive cycle.

Camille Coupé, biathlon talent from France.

In an Instagram post from last night, the 22-year-old reflects: “Depression, that dirty word that no one wants to talk about. But the reality is that there is too much pressure on my little shoulders.” She realized that there is so much more to life after this and is grateful for it. “I come out of it stronger and more grateful,” said the 22-year-old. She learned that happiness also includes sadness and that the best is still ahead of her.

Camille Coupé is no stranger to fans of the sport: in 2020, Coupé came second in the 7,5 kilometer pursuit during the Junior World Championships in Lenzerheide. In 2022 she took third place with the French junior relay team at the World Championships in Soldier Hollow and in 2023 she won another junior silver medal in Shchuchinsk

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