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Christoph Danksagmüller is causing a stir in the Ski Cross World Cup. © EXPA / D. Angerer

At the World Cup debut: With a crazy haircut to the crash

On his World Cup debut at the Reiteralm at the weekend, not even his striking hair could help him: the young Austrian Christoph Danksagmüller fell heavily in his first World Cup race.

His team had given him a new haircut beforehand: “It’s a tradition. Every rookie has to go through it,” said the 21-year-old ski crosser. He will only be allowed to get rid of them after his races on Sunday. But despite the streamlined hairstyle, there was a crash.

At first things didn't look bad for the young Austrian. But in the third corner, a ski binding comes loose from his skis and Danksagmüller races unchecked into the safety net and beyond. Miraculously, he didn't get injured despite his high speed and then took it with humor on Instagram. There he jokes on Sunday: “The good thing is, I’m fine. The bad thing is that you couldn't see my beautiful haircut on TV.". He then shows what his teammates did to him. The Mondseer does not reveal whether he will maintain this look.

Christoph Danksagmüller with his unconventional hairstyle at the World Cup on the Reiteralm. © Screenshot

At the qualification on February 22nd, he narrowly missed out on getting into another World Cup race with 35th place in the first race. In the second race he came in 28th place, just under the limit of 32 and secured entry into the race on Sunday. The young Austrian celebrated his greatest successes to date almost a year ago with a silver medal at the Junior World Championships and several top ten victories at the European Cup.

The Frenchman Youri Duplessis Kergomard secured victory on the Reiteralm ahead of the Trentino Simone Deromedis (SportNews reported).

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