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The Lambacher brothers win in the Jaufental.

Jaufental: Lambacher brothers win night race

The FIL World Cup in natural track tobogganing in Jaufental/Val Giovo (ITA) continued on Friday evening with the night race for the doubles. The World Cup leaders Matthias Lambacher/Peter Lambacher showed a flawless run and celebrated their fourth win of the season in the fifth race.

In the doubles, Matthias Lambacher/Peter Lambacher (ITA) and Maximilian Pichler/Nico Edlinger (AUT) are engaged in a thrilling duel for the lead in the overall World Cup. After three wins in a row, Lambacher/Lambacher had to give way to Pichler/Edlinger in the Eliminator in Umhausen (AUT) and suffered their first defeat of the season in third place. On the 675 meter long Tonnerboden track, the Lambacher brothers struck back, celebrating their fourth victory of the season in 57,19 seconds, ahead of Pichler/Edlinger (+0,46 seconds) and the newly crowned overall winners in the Junior World Cup, Tobias Paur/Andreas Hofer ( ITA/+0,90).

“Back on top. It's nice to be at the top again. We still have to work on our fine-tuning a bit, we can't want too much right away. Now it's time to coordinate the material, because tomorrow at the European Championships the conditions will certainly be different than today. In any case, we are looking forward to our first European Championship,” analyzes Matthias Lambacher, who has already become European and world champion with his brother Patrick. In the overall ranking, Lambacher/Lambacher lead with 470 points, ahead of Pichler/Edlinger (425) and Paur/Hofer (310).

The podium of the doubles. © Andreas Ebermann

On Saturday (14 p.m.) the doubles will continue on the Tonnerboden track with the 30th European Championships in natural track tobogganing. This will be followed by the World Cup in the women's single-seater and the men's single-seater, before the European champions in the single-seater and the team competition will be crowned on Sunday (from 10 a.m.).

World Cup Jaufental/Val Giovo, doubles

1.Matthias Lambacher/Peter Lambacher (ITA), 57,19 seconds
2.Maximilian Pichler/Nico Edlinger (AUT), +0,46
3.Tobias Pauer/Andreas Hofer (ITA), +0,90
4. Peter Neupauer/Dominik Neupauer (SVK), +2,19
5. Bine Mekina/Simon Dietz (GER), +2,40

The schedule

14 p.m.: European Doubles Championships, followed by a flower ceremony
15 p.m.: 1st women's single-seater race (World Cup)
15.30 p.m.: 1st single-seater men's race (World Cup)
17 p.m.: Women's single-seater final (World Cup), followed by a flower ceremony
18 p.m.: Men's single-seater final race (World Cup), followed by a flower ceremony
19.30 p.m.: Award ceremony for single-seater women, single-seater men and double-seater

10 a.m.: 1st women's single-seater race (European Championship)
10.30 a.m.: 1st single-seater men's race (European Championship)
11.30 a.m.: Women's single-seater final (European Championship), followed by a flower ceremony
12.15 p.m.: Men's single-seater final run (European Championship), followed by a flower ceremony
13.45 p.m.: European Championship team competition
14.15 p.m.: Award ceremony for women's single-seater, men's single-seater and team competition

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