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Work is currently underway on the new jumping facilities in Predazzo. © Social Media

Trouble in Predazzo: ski jumps are not finished

Preparations for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina are anything but smooth. There will be no dress rehearsal in Predazzo because the ski jumps cannot be completed.

No ski jumping World Cup, no Nordic Combined World Cup: the dress rehearsals in Predazzo - planned for next winter - had to be canceled early. The reason for this is that the new ski jumps cannot be completed on time. Work is currently underway in Predazzo to get the ski jumps ready for the 2026 Olympics.

Ski jumping race director Sandro Pertile is surprised at the lagging construction progress: “The news came unexpectedly that the important dress rehearsal for the Olympics cannot be carried out.” However, the FIS official announced: “We will hold a summer Grand Prix.”

The jumping facilities in Predazzo should be completed in April. Construction had already started with major delays.

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