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The Wipptal Broncos have the playoff ticket in their pocket. © BRUNNER FOTOWELT

Broncos on cloud 7: Playoffs are fixed

On the last day of the regular season of the Alps Hockey League there was still one question to be answered: Will the Wipptal Broncos reach the playoffs directly for the first time? After the victory in the final game against EC Bregenzerwald, the answer is: yes!

A win against the forests was enough for the wild horses - whether in regular time, after extra time or in a penalty shootout. Johan Sjöquist's team coped with this pressure and secured their place in the playoffs thanks to the convincing 2-0 win against EC Bregenzerwald.

The Broncos immediately demonstrated their ambitions in front of almost 600 spectators. Only seven minutes had been played before Adam Capannelli made his way down the right side and fired an unstoppable shot from the face-off point. ECB goalie Alexander Schmidt had no chance of defending. As a result, the home team also had more chances, which they took advantage of in the 26th minute to go ahead 2-0. Fabian Gschlosser beat two opponents in the attacking third and then crossed beautifully for Alex Zecchetto, who only had to push the ball into the empty net.

Bregenzerwald tried to make up for the deficit in the final section in order to gain a better starting position for the Master Round. However, there was no getting past Wipptal goalie Jakob Rabanser that evening. The Wild Horses kept a clean sheet for the third time in the current season, grabbed the playoff ticket and fourth place in the Master Round.

Boom with a perfect finish

For the Rittner Buam it was all about the Golden Pineapple on the last match day. They already had first place at the end of the basic round, the KAC Future Team was unable to earn any points for the qualification round. Nevertheless, Tray Tuomie's team showed character by overcoming a 0-2 deficit in the final third and ultimately winning 3-2. Stefan Quinz with a brace and Markus Spinell were responsible for the comeback.

Cheers from the Rittner Buam. © Max Pattis

Meanwhile, the Unterland Cavaliers rounded off a perfect week with a win at EK Zell am See. After the success against the Rittner Buam and the associated move into the semi-finals in the IHL Serie A, Michael Sullmann was forced to finish second in the table. with a score of 2:3. Gabriel Galassiti and Florian Wieser set the course for victory with a double strike within 2 seconds in the middle third. Tomi Wilenius scored the next goal five minutes later before Wieser scored the winning goal on the power play. The Eisbären shortened the gap before the end of the period through Nick Huard, but goalie Tizian Giovanelli held tight in the final period. The Cavaliers jumped to 15th place.

Val Gardena misses the chance

HC Gherdëina had to swallow a very bitter pill when, after a surprising 6:5 win against EC Bregenzerwald, they lost 2:5 at table laggards Celje. This meant that the Furies lost two positions in the table. In Slovenia, the Ladins fell behind after just 15 seconds, but only 61 seconds later Anthony DeLuca put everything back to zero. As a result, the Furies owed a lot, the 1:4 was the logical consequence. Despite Matteo Luisetti's goal to make it 2-4, the points remained in Slovenia.

Hannes Kasslatter & Co. missed out on a win. © studioKOSTNER | www.kostner.info

HC Meran benefited from this slip-up and, after a lot of hard work, beat Steel Wings Linz 5-4 after extra time. The Eagles were already down 21-0 after 3 minutes. However, the home team showed morale and came back after 2:4. The goals were scored by HCB loanee Kris Pietroniro, who played his first game in the Merano uniform, Calder Anderson, David Trivellato and Brandon McNally. After a goalless final third, the game went into extra time, in which Anderson scored the extra point. As a result, HCM overtook HC Gröden at the last minute.

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Alps Hockey League

HK Celje – HC Gherdëina 5:2
Goals: 1:0 Cepon (00.15), 1:1 DeLuca (1.16), 2:1 Freidenfelds (31.38), 3:1 Sotlar (40.28), 4:1 Povse (48.37), 4:2 Luisetti (50.40), 5:2 Sotlar (58.25)
Audience: 200

Wipptal Broncos – EC Bregenzerwald 2-0
Goals: 1-0 Capannelli (6.52), 2-0 Zecchetto (25.39)
Audience: 567

Rittner Buam – KAC Future Team 3:2
Goals: 0:1 Gomboc (27.01), 0:2 Gomboc (40.23), 1:2 Quinz (40.34), 2:2 Quinz (43.38), 3:2 Spinel (46.30)
Audience: 534

EK Zell am See – Unterland Cavaliers 2:3
Goals: 0:1 Gabriel Galassiti (23.00), 0:2 Wieser (23.15), 1:2 Wilenius (28.49), 1:3 Wieser (31.00), 2:3 Huard (37.17)
Audience: 2009

EC Kitzbühel – HDD Jesenice 2:1
Goals: 1:0 Matzka (5.46), 2:0 Seto (9.50), 2:1 Cimzar (31.20)
Audience: 1044

SG Cortina – EHC Lustenau 5:3
Goals: 1:0 Cuglietta (1.58), 1:1 Kukkola (5.32), 2:1 Sanna (13.16), 2:2 Kukkola (21.20), 2:3 Haberl (37.28), 3:3 Sanna (41.24), 4:3 Zanatta (42.06), 5:3 Cuglietta (43.42)
Audience: 765

HC Meran – Steel Wings Linz 5:4 aet
Goals: 0:1 Theirich (3.53), 0:2 Persson (17.35), 0:3 Feldbaumer (21.11), 1:3 Pietroniro (21.40), 2:3 Anderson (25.33), 2:4 Wilding (31.04), 3:4 Trivellato (32.06), 4:4 McNally (36.59), 5:4 Anderson (64.00)
Audience: 550

Fassa Falcons – Red Bull Juniors 3:7
Goals: 0:1 Sandholzer (17.25), 1:1 Vigl (17.48), 2:1 Selin (21.14), 3:1 Biondi (21.14), 3:2 Helander (27.19), 3:3 Hörl (27.52), 3:4 Myllymaa (39.30), 3:5 Murnieks (44.09), 3:6 Murnieks (50.39), 3:7 Sandholzer (51.33)
Spectators: 890

The table

1. Rittner Buam302307122:6869
2. Zell am See302109113:8461
3. Salzburg II3019011117:8657
4. Wipptal Broncos3017013111:8556
5. SG Cortina3018012105:8254
6. Bregenzerwald3017013115:9354
7. Jesenice3017013107:8452
8. Kitzbuhel301501598:10446
9. Underland Cavaliers3013017105:10541
10. HC Meran3014016107:12641
11. HC Gherdëina301401699:11740
12. Lustenau3013017112:12238
13. HC Fassa301401698:11238
14. Linz II301101977:10032
15. HK Celje30802274:12123
16. Klagenfurt II30602466:13718

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