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Alan Lobis scored the winning goal. © Max Pattis

Narrow win: Buam invite Broncos to showdown

The Rittner Buam continue where they left off. After winning the Italian championship, the Blue-Reds won the Master Round of the Alps Hockey League at EC Bregenzerwald on Wednesday evening. On Saturday there will be a showdown against the Wipptal Broncos.

With the 3-2 win, the Buam have caught up with the Wipptal Broncos in the table. The summit meeting will take place on Saturday, when the wild horses will be in Klobenstein at 18 p.m. In Dornbirn, the teams gave it their all from the first minute and had good chances, but initially the goalkeepers - Furlong for the Rittners and Schmidt for the “Wälders” - were in the way. But then the hosts took the lead: First Furlong was there with a strong save against Lipsbergs, but he was powerless when Zwerger's follow-up shot.

As a result, the Rittner Buam took over the game and fired shots every minute at Schmidt's box, but he always remained attentive and didn't let anything through. It looked like Bregenzerwald was almost third in the lead. But the hosts ruined this for themselves. In the final seconds, Spinell captured the puck in the attacking third, played a one-two with Simon Kostner and made it 1-1.

Lobis makes the decision

Bregenzerwald got off to an equally strong start in the second third and made it 2-1 in a fantastic offensive action. Zwerger broke away from the slot after a relay of passes and gave Furlong the disadvantage with a direct pass. The equalizer was just as nice: Giacomuzzi played on Szypula, moved further in front of the goal, got the puck back from the Canadian and made it 2-2. From then on there were always dangerous offensive actions to be seen, with the breakaway chances of the hosts being particularly notable. Once Lipsbergs stormed alone towards the Rittner goal (33rd), a little later it was Ranftl (35th), both times the final stop was at the strong Furlong. So the score remained even after the second third.

In the final third, the hosts started with a power play, but couldn't find a way past the Buam penalty killers. Just a few minutes later, the Rittners were outnumbered on the ice - it was only the fourth time penalty in the very fair game. The Buam restricted Bregenzerwald at the back and after an assist from Szypula, Lobis was there from close range and took the first lead for his blue-reds. With spotless passing, the Buam saved their lead for the rest of the game and barely allowed Bregenzerwald to get a chance. The hosts risked everything again in the final minutes, but the equalizer never came.

Alps Hockey League:

Master round

EC Bregenzerwald – Rittner Buam 2:3
Goals: 1:0 Zwerger (6.37), 1:1 Spinell (19.49), 2:1 Zwerger (20.30), 2:2 Giacomuzzi (23.14), 2:3 Lobis (48.07)
Audience: 563

1. Rittner Buam320113:910
2. Wipptal Broncos430118:1210
3. Zell am See520312:189
4. Salzburg II420212:108
5. SG Cortina320112:107
6. Bregenzerwald510413:212

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