Connor Ford and the Foxes played at home for the first time in the league. © Vanna Antonello

Ouch, HC Bozen! The series of bankruptcies doesn't stop

HCB Südtirol Alperia has played six competitive games across all competitions and lost all of them. On Saturday evening there was a defeat that should never have happened.

From the Sparkasse Arena in Bolzano

Alexander Foppa

Italy's most successful ice hockey club and the vice-champion of the ICE Hockey League is currently only a shadow of its former self. Just 24 hours later the defeat in Innsbruck HC Bozen lost 3-1 to Fehérvár in its first league home game.

The only really good thing about this evening: the Bolzano fan curve, which kept the atmosphere going long after the final siren and clearly drowned out the murmurs that were coming from the sparsely occupied stands. Those involved on the ice got off lightly.

Neo coach Niklas Sundblad's protégés should never have lost this game. After the recent clear claps, the Foxes appeared more organized and focused. However, two glaring weaknesses remain: the gaps in front of their own goal and the power play.

Outnumbered play is a dilemma

At the back, none of the three defensive duos seemed really solid. After the opening win in Asiago, Fehérvár acted without strength, esprit or wit, but there were still unexpected opportunities in the immediate vicinity of the goal. The guests knew how to take advantage of this in the final third. Until then, Bozen was actually in control of the situation, but failed to extend Dustin Gazley's early lead. This was due to the blatantly weak power play. The Foxes were allowed to have one more man on the ice five times. The result? Zero goals, no pressure phases, hardly any shots. Even an opponent as harmless as Fehérvár was that evening cannot be defeated.

The key scenes

Gazley nimbleIn the 13th minute, Blake Parlett slams the disc onto the boards, Dustin Gazley reacts quickest, grabs the thing and turns it around the post into the goal - 1-0 for Bozen!
Svedberg holdsAfter the break, Fehérvár becomes permanently dangerous for the first time, but Niklas Svedberg (still) stands in the Hungarians' way. Highlight: A spectacular hand save after a one-timer by Istvan Bartalis (46th).
Ex-Bolzano with an eyeThe first real phase of pressure from the Magyars leads straight to the equalizer: the former Bolzano player Gleason Fournier sees Anze Kuralt, who is left criminally alone, at the far post, he takes a shot straight away and hits the back of Svedberg to make it 1-1 (47th).
Real wadsJust one turn of the pointer after the equalizer, Balint Magosi really shocked the ice wave. His harmless shot from the high slot is easily deflected and slips under Svedberg's pad. 1:2 – who would have thought?
That's itMagosi, the man from the fourth line, becomes the match winner in the final minute. His shot into the empty goal sealed the South Tyroleans' 1-3 defeat.

Immediately before the start of the league, HCB boss Dieter Knoll in a SportNews interview seen as a need for action in the event of a botched start to the season. Now it's up to the Foxes to avert the total false start on Tuesday (19.15 p.m.) with a win in Villach. For local rivals HC Pustertal, things continue on Sunday: The Wolves want to use the nearby away trip to Innsbruck to emphasize their opening win against Vorarlberg.

HCB Südtirol Alperia – Hydro Fehérvár AV 1:3

HSBC: Svedberg (Vallini); Valentine-Parlett, Vandane-Miglioranzi, Teves-Di Perna; Halmo-McClure-Gazley, Lessio-Ford-Thomas, Frigo-Mantenuto-Frank, Brunner-Alberga-Miceli, Felicetti
Coach: Sunblad

FAV: Roy (Horvath); Fournier-Campbell, Atkinson-Nilsson, Stipsicz-Phillips; Ambrus-Hari-Leavens, Leclerc-Bartalis-Kuralt, Vertes-Laberge-Terbocs, Magosi-Nemeth-Mihaly, Vokla
Coach: Kiss

Gates: 1-0 Dustin Gazley (12.16); 1:1 Anze Kuralt (46.10), 1:2 Balint Magosi (47.46), 1:3 Balint Magosi (59.34)

Viewers: 2021

The table:

1. Fehervar22006:16
2. Salzburg22008:45
3. HC Pustertal22009:65
4. Innsbruck210110:74
5. Olimpija Ljubljana21017:54
6. Villach11004:23
7. Vorarlberg21013:33
8. Vienna Capitals21015:73
9. Linz21015:62
10. Graz99ers20025:71
11. Klagenfurt10011:40
12. Asiago Hockey20020:50
13. HCB South Tyrol20022:80


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