Connor Ford & Co. celebrated an important victory. © Vanna Antonello

Connor Ford's big evening

HCB Südtirol Alperia achieved a much-needed success on Friday evening after five defeats from the last six games. In the narrow home win against Fehervar, Connor Ford, of all people, became the match winner, who is certainly not known for his nose for goals.

From the Sparkasse Arena

Leo Holzknecht

Connor Ford has played 37 games this season, and the American has only hit the mark five times. That evening, however, everything was different: the 25-year-old benefited twice from wonderful passes from his teammates, remained ice-cold in front of the goal and helped the Foxes to a 4-2 victory over second-placed Fehervar. It was a game in which Daniel Frank & Co. went on an upward run and ultimately deservedly kept the better end for themselves.

In the previous three duels between HC Bozen and Fehervar, the home team had always prevailed. The South Tyroleans wanted to avoid this happening again on Friday. But they didn't do much about it in the early stages. Glen Hanlon's men showed major deficiencies, particularly in defense. Goalie Sam Harvey repeatedly had to save at the last second. The Foxes put on a completely different performance in the middle section. Suddenly they dominated the game and forced the Hungarians to do a lot of defensive work.

The eye-catching Ford's interim 2-2 was the initial spark for a final third in which the Foxes showed their potential. At the back they were compact, at the front they combined imaginatively. And: The power play, which has often been a problem child this season, worked very well. The White-Reds managed to successfully play the first of two home games within 24 hours. The next tough test is coming up on Saturday, when Red Bull Salzburg visits the Sparkasse Arena at 19.45:XNUMX p.m.

The highlights

McClure's buckThe Foxes play in the power play, but concede the 0-1: Brad McClure fails a back pass, Balint Magosi gratefully accepts the gift and converts the counterattack dry.
Ford's answerIn the same power play, the home team found the right answer through Connor Ford: after a dream pass from Dustin Gazley, the center had the empty goal in front of him.
The next setbackBlake Parlett & Co. are extremely vulnerable defensively. Goalie Samuel Harvey makes miraculous saves several times before Bence Stipsicz succeeds with a shot from the blue line.
Overdue compensationThe HCB dominates in the second half of the game, but does not capitalize on its chances. Until Mike Halmo assists Ford, who was running along, and he deflects it straight into the goal.
Miceli's prankThe power play is running like clockwork this evening. After a shot from Josh Teves, Angelo Miceli, who was lurking in front of the goal, was there with the follow-up shot. Dustin Gazley puts the lid on it with an empty net hit.

HCB Südtirol Alperia – AV Fehervar 4:2

HSBC: Harvey (Vallini); Valentine-Vandane, Miglioranzi-Parlett, Teves-Di Perna, Pietroniro; Gazley-Ford-Halmo, Thomas-McClure-Miceli, Frigo-Mantenuto-Frank, Felicetti-Alberga-Brunner.
coach: Hanlon

OASI: Roy (Horvath); Robertson-Campbell, Stipsicz-Phillips, Fournier-Kiss; Leavens-Hari-Kuralt, Magosi-Bartalis-Mihaly, Atkinson-McGauley-Laberge, Terbocs-Nemeth-Ambrus.
coach: Kiss

Gates: 0:1 Magosi (7.56), 1:1 Ford (8.37), 1:2 Stipsicz (17.48), 2:2 Ford (36.54), 3:2 Miceli (44.32), 4:2 Gazley (59.54)

Viewers: 3513

ICE Hockey League:

Villacher SV – HC Pustertal 2:3 nP
Goals: 0:1 Schofield (11.08), 1:1 MacPherson (19.53), 2:1 Lindner (27.15), 2:2 Morley (45.51), 2:3 decisive penalty: Morley
Audience: 2917

Klagenfurter AC – Graz 99ers 3:1
Goals: 1:0 Hundredppound (5.40), 1:1 Salinitri (6.40), 2:1 Maier (55.57), 3:1 Kraus (59.32)
Audience: 4216

HC Innsbruck – Red Bull Salzburg 4:3
Goals: 1:0 Roy (0.45), 2:0 Roy (8.41), 3:0 Roy (18.48), 4:0 Roy (24.58), 4:1 Raffl (27.14), 4:2 Nissner (30.32), 4:3 Baltram (56.59)
Audience: 2800

Pioneers Vorarlberg – Vienna Capitals 3:2 aet
Goals: 1-0 Oden (5.03), 2-0 Kirichenko (29.38), 2-1 Wardley (46.24), 2-2 Donohue (46.44), 3-2 Owre (61.12)
Audience: 1636

Asiago Hockey – HK Olimpija 4:5
Goals: 1:0 Marchetti (17.42), 2:0 Ierullo (23.31), 3:0 Rapuzzi (27.57), 3:1 Leskinen (27.57), 3:2 Leskinen (39.26), 3:3 Gooch (41.03), 4:3 Oskanen (41.38), 4:4 Cosic (49.19), 4:5 Mahkovec (52.08)
Audience: 1466

The table
1. Klagenfurt3825013135:8977
2. Salzburg3825013114:9173
3. Fehervar3924015129:11073
4. Innsbruck3822016113:10565
5. Villach3821017129:11263
6. HCB South Tyrol3822016104:9862
7. Linz3719018121:9461
8. HC Pustertal3820018112:10459
9. Olimpija Ljubljana3818020116:11953
10. Vorarlberg3916023122:13148
11. Vienna Capitals381302596:14240
12. Asiago Hockey371102696:14435
13. Graz99ers381102775:12332

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