Alex Petan (left) celebrates a goal. © HC Pustertal

The HCP dismantles the Foxes

On Tuesday evening, HC Pustertal and HCB Südtirol met in the Alperia Cup. The wolves had a lot to celebrate.

Even though it was a friendly game, a meeting between HC Pustertal and the Foxes from Bolzano always offers spectators interesting games. This was also the case on Tuesday evening, when the two ICE representatives from South Tyrol met in front of more than 2100 spectators in the Intercable Arena as part of the Alperia Cup. This time the Wolves had the upper hand after losing four times in the league against HC Bozen last season. The Pusterers won the test match 6-1. After the triumph in 2022, it is the second Alperia Cup success for the Wolves.

When Josh Teves made his Bolzano debut, who finally put on the jersey for the Foxes for the first time, the Canadian defender saw a strong derby opponent. The Wolves took control right from the start, with the line around Dante Hannoun, Daniel Catenacci and Alex Petan particularly giving the Bolzano team a hard time. The Wolves acted with a lot of speed that the HCB couldn't keep up with. This could also be because Niklas Sundblad's players are between several Champions Hockey League games. In any case, HC Pustertal's triumph was more than deserved.

The highlights of the game

The Intercable Arena shakesDante Hannoun cheekily tries to overcome Gianluca Vallini in the Foxes goal with a “Michigan” finish, but is interrupted by an HCB defender. The puck rolls to Daniel Catenacci, who nets it ice-cold – 1:0 (3.53).
Bolzano doesn't sleepJust a few minutes later, Davis Vandane fires a beam from the blue line that races over Andreas Bernard's shoulder into the left corner of the cross - 1:1 (8.01).
HCP with speed from the breakJust a few seconds after the restart, Alex Petan leaves the HCB goalie on the left and scores to give the Wolves the lead again - 2:1 (21.21).
The Wolves raiseThe HCP annoys the foxes when they are outnumbered. During a counterattack, Catenacci again lets an HCB defender get out and shoots into the left corner - 2:1 (32.22).
Petan for secondAfter a long pass from Hannoun, Petan sprints towards the Füchse goal and confidently hits the Bozen goal. Like Catenacci, he puts together his double pack - 4:1 (45.22).
Messner in the power playThe HCP increases its lead after a powerful shot from Jason Akeson, which slips under Vallini's armpit - 5:1 (48.59).
On and onNow Matthias Mantinger is also on the list of goalscorers. He defeated Vallini over his right shoulder – 6:1 (53.08).

The Pusterers continue with another test match on Friday at 18 p.m. in Villach, while the Foxes will be challenged again in the Champions Hockey League on Thursday when they face the Swiss champions Geneva-Servette away. The game starts at 19.45:XNUMX p.m.

HC Pustertal – HCB Südtirol 6:1

HC Pustertal: Bernard (Smith); Stanton-Messner, Kasastul-Ege, Glira-Atwal, Althuber-Gschliesser; Akeson-Frycklund-Morley, Hannoun-Catenacci-Petan, Andergassen-Sill-Mantinger, Deluca-Berger-Öhler

HCB South Tyrol: Vallini (Svedberg); Miglioranzi-Vandane, Valentine-Di Perna, Teves-Parlett; Halmo-McClure-Gazley, Lessio-Ford-Thomas, Frigo-Mantenuto-Frank, Felicetti-Alberga-Miceli, Brunner

Gates: 1-0 Catenacci (3.53), 1-1 Vandane (8.01), 2-1 Petan (21.21), 3-1 Catenacci (32.22), 4-1 Petan (45.22), 5-1 Akeson (48.59), 6: 1 Mantinger (53.08)

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