The new ICE headquarters with Erich Falkensteiner (2nd from left)

Erich Falkensteiner takes over the Knoll position

The representatives of the ICE Hockey League elected a new president, Alexander Gruber, at a general meeting. There was also a change within South Tyrol in the position of Vice President.

The only election proposal put forward with the Viennese (63) at the top was unanimously accepted in Salzburg on Tuesday. Gruber has been elected to this position for four years. He succeeds Jochen Pildner-Steinburg from Graz, who has led the league as president for the last four years.

The lawyer and former Viennese EV striker has served as a member of the legal commission since the league was founded and also worked as vice president of the Austrian Ice Hockey Association for several years. “Together with my colleagues on the executive board, the clubs and the league organization, we want to continue on the successful path we have taken in recent years,” explained Gruber. “We see ourselves as representatives of an international league and are trying to further strengthen all existing markets,” said the Viennese, who also announced an internal discourse. It is important to maintain unity and make the league “even more visible”.

Falkensteiner new vice president

At Gruber's side, Rene Dimter (Red Bull Salzburg), Johannes Schwaiger (KAC), Erich Falkensteiner (Pustertal) and Viktor Szelig (Fehervar) took on the role of vice presidents. Dieter Knoll still held this position until this year. For his achievements, Karl Safron was named honorary president of the ICE Hockey League. The 74-year-old Carinthian was one of the league's founding fathers in 2000, president from 2009 and part of the executive board in various functions until recently.

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