Pascal Brunner and HC Bozen are in crisis. © Vanna Antonello

HCB crisis: “We have survived more difficult moments”

After HC Pustertal's brilliant derby victory over HC Bozen, the ICE Hockey League continues in quick succession. While the Wolves want to extend their winning streak, the Foxes have to get out of the crisis as quickly as possible.

For HC Bozen, the start to 2024 was anything but ideal. There were three defeats in a row both against HC Innsbruck and against the Pioneers from Vorarlberg and most recently in the derby against HC Pustertal. These defeats saw the Foxes fall out of the top six. The people of Bolzano have also had eventful hours behind them. On Sunday the not always convincing goalie had to Niklas Svedberg packs his bags and in his place came he last year's goalie Sam Harvey back to the state capital.

“We are in a difficult phase and we have to look forward. It is precisely in such situations that you can see the real character of a team. We have already overcome difficult moments this season and I am convinced that we will be able to do so this time too,” says Angelo Miceli, commenting on the current situation.

“In situations like this you can see the character of a team.” Angelo Miceli, HC Bozen

Coach Glen Hanlon's team now faces a difficult away game at the Ocskay Gabor Ice Hall in Fehervar. The Hungarians are currently in third place in the table and have the second best offense in the championship with 118 goals. “Fehervar is a really strong opponent and we have to attack fully right from the start,” says the offensive player, setting the course. Whether Sam Harvey will make his second debut for the Foxes will only be decided tomorrow after the final training session.

Bruneck wants to continue its winning streak

However, the mood at HC Pustertal is completely different. After a messed up month of December and that Resignation of coach Tomek Valtonen The Wolves celebrated two derby wins in a row, first against Asiago and most recently against HC Bozen. “These two wins were good. “We have to pick up where we left off tomorrow at home against Ljubljana and continue playing in exactly the same way,” says Simon Berger, who will probably make his comeback after recovering from an injury.

David Morley and HC Pustertal also want to celebrate against Ljubljana.

The Dragons from Slovenia prevailed in each of the previous meetings. “Ljubljana is an extremely aggressive opponent who always plays hard. They also have aggressive forechecking. But they often leave gaps in the defense and we have to take advantage of them,” adds the 24-year-old.

ICE Hockey League

Tuesday, January 9th:
Red Bull Salzburg – Asiago (19.15 p.m.)
Villacher SV – Vienna Capitals
Fehervar – HC Bozen
HC Innsbruck – Klagenfurt
Pioneers Vorarlberg – Graz 99ers (19.30 p.m.)
HC Pustertal – Ljubljana (19.45 p.m.)


1. Klagenfurt3422012120:7768
2. Salzburg3423011102:8167
3. Fehervar3522013118:9967
4. Linz3519016116:8759
5. Innsbruck341901599:9557
6. Villach3419015119:10256
7. HCB South Tyrol352001595:9056
8. HC Pustertal3417017100:9552
9. Olimpija Ljubljana3416018103:10647
10. Vorarlberg3515020112:11646
11. Vienna Capitals341202285:12934
12. Asiago Hockey341002487:13333
13. Graz99ers34902567:11327

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